If the moon were an apple…


  • Last week, we learned the phases of the moon and then used apples to stamp the order of the lunar cycle. This week students will be able to observe the waxing crescent becoming a first quarter moon on October 16 (exactly half full). Science, art, math and literacy all came together as we labeled the phases and learned about growing/shrinking patterns.
  • We noticed the level of water in the creeks was higher due to the rain on the long weekend but by Wednesday it was low enough to catch critters like these water striders and lamprey eel. What an amazing week of autumn beauty!
  • We taste-tested 3 colours of apples and graphed favourites, then made a delicious apple sauce. With hot lunch, it was quite a feast day.


This week at a glance: October 15-19

Monday – Apple & Pumpkin field trip. See email for details.

Tuesday – At the park. Sun cycle, day and night animal behaviour.

Wednesday – At the park.

Thursday – FLE. Bring back library books today – we will try to squeeze in a book exchange so we don’t miss out!

Friday – Professional Day – students do not attend school.