A full week – almost!

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Last week we learned about birds at Derby Reach. Metro Park interpreters taught us bird calls and body parts, we played Goose and Eagle tag and made bird nests. Back in class we made delicious and healthy veggie soup and had a special craft and story about the Harvest Moon with Ms Bull, our Aboriginal Support Worker. We also learned about kindness from Mrs. Casey – our Child and Youth Worker. She showed us how being soft and kind to ourselves and others like a cotton ball feels so much better than being rough and tough like sandpaper.

The week ahead at a glance: Nov. 19-23

What on earth? We have a full week of school? No, not quite…Tuesday is early dismissal at 1:30 for Collaboration. Although it seems like our schedule has a lot of gaps this fall so far, teachers are using the time productively. Personally, my teaching practice has evolved quite a bit this fall, my head spins sometimes thinking of all the ‘pedagogy and instructional best practices’ I am learning about and am eager to try with our class. This week, I will collaborate with the K teachers to understand how to complete the new K report card we are piloting in the District.

This week we kick off a Healthy Eating Challenge – students will colour in, on a chart, each food group that they eat for snack and lunch each day. Their goal is to eat at least 3 of the 4 groups each day – Dairy & substitutes, Grains, Meat & alternatives, and Fruit & Vegetables.

  • Monday – At FLE
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – At the park. Early dismissal Tuesday at 1:30 for Collaboration. Movie Day back at the gym.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Vision and Hearing screening for K students.
  • Friday – At FLE. Library.