January update


Last week we enjoyed roasting marshmallows and apples over the fire. IMG_20190108_112417We also had a visit from Mr. Bramhall’s Gr. 6-7 class. They helped us make sand volcanoes. A good time was had by everyone and students learned through all their senses what happens to solids and liquids when there is a chemical or physical change. (For example, marshmallows in apples turn into caramel syrup when heated – yum!) IMG_20190108_123121We helped clean up from the winter wind storm by gathering fallen branches. It feels good to do purposeful physical work!IMG_20190109_140342

IMG_20190109_133016 IMG_20190109_133404






The week ahead at a glance: January 14-18

We’ll be starting our Home Reading program soon. Look for more info to be sent home in mailbags. Please contact me if you are able to help with book exchanges first thing Monday and Thursday mornings.

Monday: At FLE. Early Dismissal at 1:36 for Collaboration.
Tuesday and Wednesday: At the park. Light and shadows. Winter tree art.
Thursday: Music.
Friday: Library. Friday Family Reading 8:50 until 9:10. All are welcome! LEPS program: Worm’s World. We’ll welcome our new class pets – red wriggler worms who will eat our leftover veggies and fruit!