Last week of January update


This week we had a very informative presentation about Animal Vision by Explore Science Club leader Nehal. She taught the students about the light spectrum, rods and cones, and the variety of ways that animals see things differently than humans. With a new appreciation for their sense of sight, the students looked for our daffodil bulbs growing shoots in the school garden.

IMG_20190122_105407 IMG_20190124_120207






The week ahead at a glance: January 28-Feb.1

Themes this week:

  • Chinese culture through panda bears, Dim Sum and Chinese New Year traditions
  • Learning, reflecting and creating about self and family
  • Sound
  • Story structure – with Robert Munsch as our examples

Monday – We will be starting an “All About Me” paper quilt project. Students may draw or bring in a printed photo of their family, or make a family tree. Special Helpers share their Book Reviews at circle time. Home Reading Book Exchange.

Tuesday & Wednesday – at the park, we’ll learn about sound waves, vibrations and pitch through various materials and experiments. Please collect and send one or two tin cans, plastic containers and bottles.

Thursday – Chinese culture through panda bears, Dim Sum and Chinese New Year traditions.

Friday – Library and Home Reading Book Exchange. Friday Family Reading from 8:50-9:15. Join us if you can!