Fort Langley exploration week

Monday we planted seeds in our school garden. Amid the strawberries that seem to be taking over and the garlic and daffodils we planted last fall, we added runner beans, snow peas and sunflowers. We also had an Aboriginal cultural presentation about board games using traditional materials like shells, bones, sticks and deer hide.  I think we have been inspired to make our own games!

Tuesday we meet at Lelam cafe on Billy Brown Road and walk the Fort to Fort trail to the Salmon River Wetlands Park. There, we’ll explore a beaver pond, who knows, maybe we’ll spot the busy beavers. Our learning will include how to design and build a structure like a beaver, using sticks, clay and grasses. We’ll return to the cafe area for pick-up.

Wednesday is a day to explore the services and jobs that help make our community strong. Our route will take us through town in approximately a 2 km loop. We’ll be gone from about 9:30 AM until around noon, returning to the school for lunch and the afternoon.

Thursday – please return the permission form for the May 7 field trip to Nicomekl Hatchery today, and pay $2 online by Monday, May 6. Thank you!

Friday – Professional Day – I’ll be working on teaching literacy and social-emotional learning.

See you at CV Park on Monday.

Highlights from last week:

IMG_20190423_093345~2 IMG_20190423_143733 IMG_20190423_144144

A sleepy wet bumblebee that was ‘rescued’ (she eventually recovered and flew away), a frog egg mass, and the largest tadpole I’ve ever seen!!