Happy Mother’s Day!

It was a busy week! Thanks to all the parents/grandparents who made it in to listen to our Readers’ Theatre performances and to read with their child. The students were so proud. They also enjoyed doing activities with their stuffed animals – we had quite a variety, and only 1 bear! Our hatchery tour was a success also, and we dissected and made art from a salmon so plenty to remember about this week.  I’ve been teaching about healthy bodies and private areas, personal safety and trusted adults. Kids in the know is the online source for parents to follow up on what is taught in class.

Next week, we are at the park Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – sunny warm days ahead, yahoo! So far the mosquitoes haven’t been too bad but there are quite a few bees and wasps around so maybe pack insect repellent.

We are soon beginning our last special helper sharing project that will need your assistance at home. We are working on informational writing about animal or plant facts. After a bit of modeling in class, the special helper will bring home a special mailbag with a sheet to fill out at home about their chosen animal or plant. They can share when they bring it back (ideally the next school day but if life gets busy they can share as soon as they are ready). The sheet will have space for a picture and a sentence (two sentences for grade 1s, one or two for K’s). Each sentence should have a fact about their chosen animal. They should practice doing their own writing and drawing and colouring. The fact should describe the animal using a colour word or other adjective i.e. big, long, striped, small, furry, fast. For example: “A moose is brown. A moose can run fast.” Our goal is to make a class book that they can read, so simple sentences at their level are best. Parents can help with spelling bigger words and finding appropriate sources of information online or in books.
Thank you for your support!