summer to fall leaves

Goodbye summer, hello fall

We begin our outdoor days this week. All the pertinent information was sent by both email and paper copy…please contact me if you have questions or didn’t receive the information. I’m looking forward to being outdoors in the last rays of summer sun and watching the children’s exuberant curiosity as they explore our new environment. What will they love the most? What will they find in the falling leaves? What challenges will they overcome?

The week at a glance: September 20-25

  • Monday: At the park. Safety and routines outdoors are the themes today.
  • Tuesday: At the park. We’ll learn about the changes from summer to fall.
  • Wednesday: At FLE. Remember to send the mailbag back to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Thursday: At FLE. Library.
  • Friday: No school for students. School Improvement Day.