Every Child Matters

Happy Monday evening! Sorry for the late start to the week’s website update. Here are some photos from our first outdoor days – I hope you can see the wonder and curiosity just bursting out of the kiddos as they explored slugs, woolly bears, sunflowers and leaves!

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This week I’ll try to introduce Truth and Reconciliation in an age-appropriate way. We’ll talk about how important it is to feel safe and accepted at school, no matter what you look like or how you dress. Students will decorate a paper orange shirt for a school-wide display. Orange shirts can be worn on Wednesday.  I look forward to seeing all the bright colours around the school as we mark this important day together.

Friday is Terry Fox Run day AND photo day! We’ll be first in line for photos so hopefully the Kindies will still look somewhat well-groomed, haha! Terry Fox holds a special place in my heart and so we’ll be taking time to not only run and have fun outside but to discuss why Terry is a hero to so many Canadians. If you would like to donate a “Toonie for Terry”, I will happily collect them on our inside days this week.

*Parents, please let me know by email or a phone call at school if you notice your child is having trouble settling into routines. Sometimes I need your help to know what to follow up on. First-month hiccups sometimes include

  • not eating or drinking enough
  • anxiety around bathroom use
  • struggling to play with others
  • feeling blue/missing family