Measuring and Mapping the Park

Thank you so much to our parent drivers for the hatchery trip! It was a perfect day for releasing fish! Last week we practiced dramatic storytelling by acting out “The Three Billy Goats” on the bridges at the park.
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The week at a glance: April 25-29

  • Monday, Tuesday – at the park, drop off at the picnic tables behind bathroom. We are measuring things around us with non-standard units like sticks, hands and sit squares.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Home reading book exchange. Entrepreneur Fair: students CAN bring up to $10 to purchase an item or two at the fair. We will all be going to see the fair but it is OPTIONAL to purchase anything.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – at the park. Once again, due to other park users, please meet at the picnic tables behind the bathrooms. Since it is our last day at this park, we’ll map our favourite features. School Spirit Day: Twin/Triplet day – dress alike with a buddy or two if you would like to.

* Looking ahead to next week: New park location (see calendar for May) – there are opportunities for creek play as well as walking trails and an adventure playground. You may wish to send boots and a pair of runners in a separate bag for your child so they can be comfortable doing whichever activities we choose.