Measurement and Movement

The week ahead: May 9-13

Measurement of length, capacity and weight are the focus in math this week. We will continue to share our favourite stories and talk about story structure in Language Arts. We’ll experiment with movement and materials as students design and make a toy that moves as their Science and ADST project.

Monday & Tuesday – at the park.

Wednesday – at the school. Home reading book exchange. Whole school photo.

Thursday – at the school. Library.

Friday – at the park. If not too rainy, we’ll be making a toy out of natural materials. If you can, please send a roll of green painter’s tape and a bit of string for attaching things together. If rainy, we’ll delay this to next week.

Looking ahead: Wednesday, May 18 will be an early dismissal day for Kindergartens, due to the Welcome to K event (for next school year’s Kindies). Dismissal will be at 11:33.