Learning in and about our Community

We had a great first week back – everyone was happy to play together again. I’m always amazed at how the kids seem to grow up over the holidays! This week we’re beginning a Social Studies unit on Community. I love that our students learn authentically in local places so that knowledge can reach them through seeing, hearing, doing and through their connections to the familiar. Storytelling is another powerful mode of learning and this week we are so fortunate to have Fern Gabriel, otherwise known by her traditional name, Sesmalot, share her teachings with us through stories.

The week ahead at a glance: January 9-13

  • Monday – Start and end at FLE. Community Walk to the Fort.
  • Tuesday – Start and end at FLE. Community Walk.
  • Wednesday – Dental Screening for K students. Lockdown drill will be happening in the afternoon. I will help the students learn about the how/why we do this drill and you may want to de-brief with them afterwards.
  • Thursday – Library and Home Reading book exchange. Students should keep their home reading books for a week of practice.
  • Friday – LEPS is coming to teach us about recycling and waste. This is a free workshop. It is also Fun Lunch and Black Excellence day!

* Looking ahead: This week we also begin a new Special Helper routine: “Guess my object”. In Science, we are working on questioning and properties of materials. When your child brings home the bag, help them choose a mystery object that others can guess by asking questions about its properties: shape, colour, size, texture…I hope your child has fun show-and-telling their mystery object!