Ocean week

It’s World Ocean Day on Saturday, June 8. This week we’ll be adventuring to the beach, we’ll work on answering our inquiry questions about oceans and continue storytelling with the ‘Water World’ loose parts kPXL_20240531_223023234it.

Students are using their growing confidence with letter formation, sounds and sight words to write their ocean stories in mini books.







Through the month of June, important learning continues. In Science, we are beginning a short unit on movement of objects. We’ll be experimenting with how things move in our outdoor activities. In math, we will be learning about coins and money in playful ways.

The week ahead: June 3-June 7

  • Monday – Beach day. Drop off and Pick up at FLE. Traveling by school bus. Students are welcome to bring a shovel and pail. Dress for the weather.
  • Tuesday – Park day.
  • Wednesday – At FLE.
  • Thursday – At FLE.
  • Friday – At FLE. Community Walk.