April showers

Looking at the rainy forecast for Monday gives me a mixed feeling – relieved that the sun will not pose a safety risk to our students who may be curious about the eclipse, but disappointed our beautiful Friday weather isn’t sticking around.

We’re taking no chances in case the sun peeks out around eclipse time, so all classes will be in the forest under the tree canopy. We will discuss the exciting event though, and watch a science video about it when back in class Wednesday!













Last week we found this tree frog demonstrating a perfect example of camouflage. Students measured length with the garden’s daffodils, and we found evidence of beavers at the wetland!

The week ahead: April 8-12

  • Monday – at the park. Prepare for a wet day! Great frog weather.
  • Tuesday – at the park. We are learning about the community of the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Twin/Triplet/Group dress up day. Students can show their FLE Spirit and have fun with this one! Library and Home Reading book exchanges.
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk to Fort Langley National Historic Site 10:30-2:08.



New term, new park

I hope everyone had an awesome spring break and enjoyed the beautiful weather for Easter egg hunting!

On Tuesday, at the new park, please park at the South Valley and walk your child to the picnic shelter near the pond. Ms. Lowden and I will meet you there at drop off and at pick up time. Ms. Lowden is excited to continue teaching 80% of the day for the next 4 weeks.

A look at the week: April 2 – 7

  • Tuesday – at the park. We’ll start at the new park by learning the safety rules, exploring and egg hunting.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. We’ll check on the new growth of our daffodils and potatoes!
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchanges. (Most students returned their books before the break)
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk.
  • Sunday, April 7th at 10:30 AM – Yorkson Watershed Fish Release. You are all invited to join me at this fun, family event. We have 50,000 chum salmon fry that need your help to make it into the creek, one bucket (or waterslide) at a time! At Derby Hills Park, 20500-block of 98th Ave. Langley. Wear boots – it’s a wetland.


Last week of winter term!

PXL_20240304_202236049 PXL_20240305_173024906







We made the most of the last days of winter by enjoying the snow at Grouse Mtn. I want to thank all the parents, Ms. Lowden and Ms. Young for helping our kindergartens stay safe and happy on the mountain. Friends teamed up at the new park to build a pretend fire. It was great to meet with all the families last week and share all the progress students have made!

  • Monday – We will walk to Fraser River to learn about a special species at risk, the sturgeon, with Sesmalot, the Kwantlen language teacher. Drop off and pick up at the school.
  • Tuesday – walk to and from at the park.
  • Wednesday – at school. April calendar will be sent home this week for your preparation after spring break.
  • Thursday – at school. Return all library and home reading books. No new ones will be sent home due to spring break. OWL presentation for all the kindergarten classes. Favourite decade dress-up day. (When you have only been alive for less than 1 decade, it is hard to choose! But the K’s are still welcome to have fun with this and dress up retro style!)
  • Friday – Last day. Gym at 8:30-9:00 then walk to the park. Hawk Spirit Wear day.

Happy Spring Break and Happy Easter!

climbing tree


Student-Inclusive Conferences week

PXL_20240227_193816346 PXL_20240227_193256177






Thank you all so much for your participation in our Cultural Picnic. We had so much food! It was a special day. We’re looking forward to our first bus field trip Monday. It should be a beautiful day on the mountain! It may be self-evident but just a reminder that students DO need to attend their conference. No siblings if possible, please. It is a special time to focus on your kindergartner’s learning and goals.

The week ahead: March 4-8

  • Monday – Field Trip. Bus leaves at 8:30 AM and returns approx. 2:08 PM
  • Tuesday – At the new park. In case you are wondering, this park does have access to toilets inside the Hall. Not enough parking though, so we are walking to and from FLE.
  • Wednesday – Early Dismissal at 12:08. Student-Inclusive Conferences 12:30-7:00
  • Thursday – No school for students. Student-Inclusive Conferences 8:30-2:30
  • Friday – Gardening outdoors at FLE. It’s time to plant potatoes!


Diversity Week

Diversity is an important topic to teach and celebrate. In our class alone, we have at least 6 different languages spoken, many different types of families and cultures, and of course, each child is unique in their appearance, preferences and abilities. The main teaching message in Kindergarten is that diversity in our classmates should be celebrated and accepted with kindness. It is a chance for them to describe themselves with pride and learn about how others may be similar or different to themselves, yet anyone can be a friend.







The week ahead: Feb. 27-Mar. 1

  • Tuesday, Feb. 27 – Diversity picnic and bannock roast at the park. If you wish to send a shared snack from your culture, please have it ready in a covered container and labeled if it contains dairy and gluten. No nuts, please.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28 – Pink Shirt Day at FLE.
  • Thursday, Feb. 29 – Rainbow School Spirit day at FLE. Home reading and library book exchange. Fun lunch.
  • Friday, Mar. 1 – Possible morning walk, to be decided.

Parents accompanying us to Grouse Mtn, please pay program fee on School Cash Online, unless you have been notified that you are one of the free parent volunteers. Thank you!

Save your Recyclables

Happy Family Day!

If you are looking for something to do Monday, check this out at the Fort.

FL Family Day poster 11×17

PXL_20240213_213954395 PXL_20240213_190635962 PXL_20240213_214043386Last week was so beautiful and sunny. We enjoyed making ‘heart art’ and finding signs of spring like these snowdrops.








 The week ahead: February 20-23

Student Teacher Ms. Lowden returns this week for her long practicum. She’ll be gradually increasing the amount of time she teaches and will be included in all school activities. We welcome her back!

Please return the green Family Reflection Sheets this week. They are needed for report card preparation.

  • Monday, Feb.19 – Family Day
  • Tuesday – At the park. We’ll be making a plan for our recycled material projects.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Beading workshop. Send recycled materials from home such as shoe box, plastic cartons, cans, juice boxes, etc. that will help your child realize their plan. Material should be clean and dry.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Creating “It’s Not a Box” projects. Library and Home Reading book exchanges.
  • Friday – at FLE. Morning Walk.
  • Monday, Feb.26 – No school for students. Report Card Preparation Day.
  • Heads Up: Feb.28 is Pink Shirt Day and final day at Brae island. We’ll be celebrating Diversity Week with a cultural shared snack. Sign up at the classroom door this week. Feb.29 is Rainbow school spirit day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PXL_20240207_184104920 PXL_20240207_191505598






Culture week was a big success. It is so important to embrace our diversity as a country of many cultures! We will continue learning about diversity for the rest of the month, with a focus on knowing and appreciating yourself, your family, and others. Kindness and friendship is something we all need, no matter who we are!

Thank you to the parents who are available to help at Grouse Mtn. The first 2 to respond are free: Taylyr and Chelsea. Rafael/Nadia, Natalie and Ally are also joining us, paying their own way.  More are welcome! We do not have room on the bus for parents.

The week ahead: Feb. 12-16

Scholastic Book Fair in the library all week. Open before and after school. Recess too.

  • Monday – at the park.
  • Tuesday – at the park. We’ll show some love to the park with nature heart art and cards for the campers.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Valentine’s Day. Students can bring cards/treats for their classmates and deliver them during class time if they wish. They’ll make a cute bag to collect their cards. Gr. 7 fundraiser treat sale ($2-5) option.
  • Thursday – at FLE. No library book exchange this week (Book Fair). Home reading book exchange is still happening.
  • Friday – no school for students. Professional Day.
  • Monday – no school. Happy Family Day!


Culture Days

With the warm weather last week, we checked out signs of growth in our garden! The groundhog’s prediction of early spring looks promising! At the park, students created cozy dens for animals that hibernate.

PXL_20240202_173043768 PXL_20240129_195522323





This week is all about the amazing diversity of culture that we have in our community! We have a special trip to the Kwantlen Cultural Centre to learn about Kwantlen storytelling, drumming and singing, and activities at school to celebrate and learn about Quebec’s Winter Carnaval and Lunar New Year.

On Tuesday, we will be walking about 2.5 kilometers. Please pack a lighter backpack for the students with just the essentials. Good walking shoes will be appreciated, too.

Monday, Feb. 5 – at the park. Squirrel theme day!

Tuesday, Feb. 6 – Drop off and Pick up at the park. Walking Field Trip.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 – at FLE. Carnaval activities.

Thursday, Feb. 8 – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchanges. Improvisation Show and Carnaval activities. Fun lunch and Fancy Dress-Up Day.

Friday, Feb. 9 – at FLE. Morning walk. Afternoon at FLE to celebrate Lunar New Year, the year of the dragon.


Animals in Winter

PXL_20240123_211538440 PXL_20240123_192935999 PXL_20240123_184121931






Last week, students were fascinated by finding and following tracks in the snow! We made treats to help the birds get through the cold snap as part of learning about animal adaptations to winter.


The week ahead: January 29-Feb. 2

We’ll be making a mini-migration across the river and building dens for toy animals as we continue learning about animal survival strategies in winter. Groundhog Day provides a fun way to practice math! We’ll graph our predictions, and discuss the coming of spring using probability vocabulary. This week we also host visits from the Fraser River Discovery Centre and Kylie Knowlson, a local teacher and author of the book “Keith Takes A Snow Day”. Book link

  • Monday – at the park.
  • Tuesday – at the park. Fraser River Discovery Centre program (rescheduled)
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Author visit and library/home reading book exchanges. Donut Day!
  • Friday – at FLE. Groundhog Day.






Winter snow gives way to slush

The students were well-prepared to thrive outside in the cold last week, enjoying the novel beauty of a freezing river.










The week ahead: January 22-26

On cold outdoor days, you may wish to send a small cup or container for a shared hot drink like apple cider or herbal tea.

  • Monday – at the park. A longer hike is planned. Please send backpack covers as we will bring our packs and eat on the trail.
  • Tuesday – at the park. Feeding the birds with apple & seed treats.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Fun lunch (rescheduled).
  • Thursday – at FLE. Home reading and library book exchange.
  • LEAP Info Session 5:30 PM in the library. This session is for NEW families who have not yet attended an info session. Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested with children entering K-6 in 2024.
  • Friday – at FLE. No walk is planned.