Last week at the park for 2021

Last week, we ventured down to see the creek after the big storm. It had changed course a bit, creating a new rocky beach big enough for our whole class to enjoy! The students were concerned to find salmon eggs in the sand beside the stream. It was heartwarming to see them work together to carefully dig them out and return them to the water. We also saw one big spawning salmon, floating upside down in the last stages of life. I was so proud of the empathy and curiosity that students showed for the fish. I heard comments like “Look at all the pretty colours on it”, “Is it hibernating?”, “I think it’s still alive!” Moments like that show that we are succeeding in mentoring kids to care for and appreciate nature!

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The week ahead: Nov. 29-Dec.3

  • Monday – Roasting day at the park! Send something for your child to roast over the fire for lunch. Please send an extra marshmallow in case of dropping or burning, and also some other snacks that don’t require roasting.
  • Tuesday – Hopefully our last day at the park if it’s not too windy/rainy. We’ll email if any change is necessary. We hope to make seed treats for the birds.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Fun lunch day. Music. We’re practicing for the concert filming next week!
  • Thursday – At FLE.
  • Friday – At FLE. We’ll get outside for a walk if possible.

* Looking ahead to next week – Field trip to Centennial Museum and Fort Langley Historic Site on Tuesday, Dec. 7. Please pay on School Cash Online when you receive the email notification.

Enjoying the Beaver Moon

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Last week’s Beaver Moon gave us a great reason to learn and play with a beaver theme. Students enjoyed being a part of puppet shows at our outdoor ‘stage’! Indoors, our classroom got a little upgrade – a car ramp has been an exciting addition to play time! I spent time this weekend viewing spawning Coho salmon in West Munday Creek in Walnut Grove. No matter how many times I see them, it is always an amazing sight.

The week ahead: Nov. 22-26

Learning themes include story telling with leaf creations, counting doubles with natural objects.

  • Monday – in the park
  • Tuesday – in the park
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Fun lunch rescheduled to Dec. 1
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library Book Exchange.
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk. Details will be emailed.

Wet , wet, wet!

Have we had enough rain yet? Puddles will be plentiful this week, so we’ll make mud pies, mud paintings and read stories about mud and rain!

  • Monday: At the park. At school due to wind.
  • Tuesday: At the park.
  • Wednesday: At FLE.
  • Thursday: At FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday: At the park.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy the photos of one of the postcards students made for veteran Great-Papa Charlie.

Postcard Poppies card

Remembrance Week

PXL_20211102_185134681 PXL_20211104_205228778 PXL_20211105_184923900












Here are some of the investigations we got up to last week! Leaves were turned into different creatures as we had fun learning about our deciduous tree neighbours in the park. We dissected wasp nests and discovered how they live in hexagon apartments 3 stories high, covered in paper layers. Amazing how they are so sturdy! On Friday, students showed fantastic fitness and good safety as we ventured to the beach and back. A lot of fun was had in the sand, including making volcanoes.

LEAP in the News! Check it out! Langley Advance Times

The week at a glance: Nov. 8-12

Our learning theme this week is peace. How can we help create peace? What does peace mean to you? How can we show respect to those who fought for our peace and freedom?

*We are watching the windy weather forecast and will email in the mornings if there is a need to change to indoors on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Monday – At the park. Poppies will be created and added to a class wreath for our school assembly. We’ll write postcards for veterans with big buddies.
  • Tuesday – At the park. LEAP classes will come together for a Remembrance Day Assembly outside.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Fun lunch day.
  • Thursday – Remembrance Day.
  • Friday – No school for students. Report Card Preparation Day for teachers.

Enjoy a peaceful weekend.

November News

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. We had beautiful weather to be outside this weekend! Last week, students had so much fun at the pumpkin patch. Back in class, we counted and compared seeds from two pumpkins, by counting groups of 10 on sticky notes with our big buddies’ help, we got to 331 and 910 seeds! Students also enjoyed making up spooky stories with loose parts.

PXL_20211026_170405153PXL_20211029_202644903~2 PXL_20211028_190601874


The week ahead: Nov. 1-5

Our nature  learning this week will centre around salmon and other animals that migrate, like geese. We’ll venture down the big hill on Monday or Tuesday to check for salmon in the creek, so please send kids in boots and rain pants even though it looks sunny!

  • Monday – At the park
  • Tuesday – At the park
  • Wednesday – At FLE
  • Thursday – At FLE (library book exchange)
  • Friday – Drop off and Pick up at FLE. Walking to a local park

Wild Weather to end October

To contrast with last week’s two beautiful days in the park, picnicking in the sunshine, this week will start off with a blast of wind. Due to the high winds forecast over 30km/hr, on Monday, LEAP classes will be learning at Fort Langley Elementary. 








Last week we found these big leaf maple leaves with fungus growing on them in the shape of the letters S and O! Nature is amazing! Woolly bear discoveries led to a science lesson on asking good questions and being curious.


The week at a glance: October 25-29

  • Monday – At Fort Langley Elementary due to wind. Guest educators from LEPS will present Salmon Forest.
  • Tuesday – Pumpkin Day at the park! Wear boots and rain pants. We’ll visit the farm, then do pumpkin exploration stations.
  • Wednesday – At FLE.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Library book exchange, “Fun lunch”
  • Friday – At FLE. Halloween Costume day. We’ll have a fun day of costume parade, games and crafts! No treats for sharing, please (school Covid-19 rule).






Conferences Week

This term, we’re working on expressing ideas either from their imaginations or their lives. Telling their stories through art and play is a great way to motivate children to become writers.

Story workshop Toto Painting

This week we’ll have a chance to share how each child is doing in school so far. You can sign up for in-person or virtual on Microsoft Teams. See you Wednesday or Thursday!

The week ahead: October 18-22

  • Monday: Outdoors. Mushroom activities.
  • Tuesday: Outdoors. Leaf activities.
  • Wednesday: At FLE. Early Dismissal at 1:33 for Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Thursday: At FLE. Earthquake drill. Library book exchange. Early Dismissal at 1:33 for Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Friday: Professional Development Day (no school for students)

Golden Fall days

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Kindergartens come up with the sweetest things they are thankful for, like garbage trucks, the grocery man and ‘my teacher’! I love hearing them share their ideas! Wonderful fall weather led to some marvelous days outside last week. We ventured down to the creek at the bottom of the hill (and made it all the way back up!) counting woolly bears on our way. We got up to 13! There must be a woolly bear population explosion this year! Students got to finally use their whistles as we practiced what to do if you get lost in the woods. All LEAP students are working on finding creative ways to play, as alternatives to destructive or risky games with sticks.  Here are some examples: sliding down trees, caring for critters, acting out stories with toy animals, and building things.

PXL_20211004_180634558 PXL_20211005_184211168 PXL_20211005_194334025










The week ahead: October 12-15

  • Sock-tober continues…please donate new socks.
  • Monday: Holiday
  • Tuesday: Outside at the park. Leaf art.
  • Wednesday: At FLE.
  • Thursday: At FLE. Library book exchange, fire drill.
  • Friday: At FLE. Photo retakes. Once photos are finished, we will walk to the park, counting spooky decorations on the way. Send rain clothing, please.

Thanksgiving, already?

Last week was a quick one and filled with important learning about Truth and Reconciliation/Orange Shirt day and Terry Fox. Parents, you should know that you beat out Superman and Terry Fox in the class survey of ‘Who is your hero?’!

September flew by and already we’re preparing for the week before Thanksgiving. It’s a time for our class to reflect on all the healthy food that comes from the land along with other things to be thankful for. For me, healthy eating has always been synonymous with family time in the garden, orchard, kitchen and around the dining table. For other families, it might include fishing and hunting or tending the farm animals. We will share our “I am thankful for…” stories. In math, we’ve begun practicing A/B patterns. We’ll continue our learning by looking for patterns and making patterns in nature.

The week ahead at a glance: Oct. 4-8

  • Monday, Tuesday – at the park – learning about safety
  • Wednesday – at the school. Return mailbags for notices. Healthy eating.
  • Thursday – at the school. Library book exchange – yes it’s finally time to send the book back in the bag!
  • Friday – at the park. Patterns with leaves.

    Happy Thanksgiving long weekend!


Every Child Matters

Happy Monday evening! Sorry for the late start to the week’s website update. Here are some photos from our first outdoor days – I hope you can see the wonder and curiosity just bursting out of the kiddos as they explored slugs, woolly bears, sunflowers and leaves!

PXL_20210920_202324243 PXL_20210927_183259115 PXL_20210927_184214903 PXL_20210927_202801881










This week I’ll try to introduce Truth and Reconciliation in an age-appropriate way. We’ll talk about how important it is to feel safe and accepted at school, no matter what you look like or how you dress. Students will decorate a paper orange shirt for a school-wide display. Orange shirts can be worn on Wednesday.  I look forward to seeing all the bright colours around the school as we mark this important day together.

Friday is Terry Fox Run day AND photo day! We’ll be first in line for photos so hopefully the Kindies will still look somewhat well-groomed, haha! Terry Fox holds a special place in my heart and so we’ll be taking time to not only run and have fun outside but to discuss why Terry is a hero to so many Canadians. If you would like to donate a “Toonie for Terry”, I will happily collect them on our inside days this week.

*Parents, please let me know by email or a phone call at school if you notice your child is having trouble settling into routines. Sometimes I need your help to know what to follow up on. First-month hiccups sometimes include

  • not eating or drinking enough
  • anxiety around bathroom use
  • struggling to play with others
  • feeling blue/missing family