Important Dates

Thursday, Jan. 12 – Ch. 2 La Montaison Reading Group role

Monday, Jan. 16 – Être Verb test, Ch.3 La Montaison role

Wednesday, Jan. 18 – Read Ch. 1-5 Everest

Tuesday, Jan. 17 – last day for Transformations assessment in math

Thursday, Jan. 19 – Ch. 4 La Montaison role, Heritage Fair topic and outline due

Heritage Fair

Div 5 is participating in the Heritage Fair 2017! Dates, details and timeline for the project will be coming soon. For now, students should be exploring a topic of interest and seeking reliable sources of information. They should have both primary (photos, sketches, interviews, journal entries) and secondary sources (from encyclopedias, websites, books, magazines). Time will be given in class, but this is a project that requires time and support at home. The project will be written in French and presented to judges in both languages.

Our theme is “Canada and the World” – any subject of interest to the students is encouraged, as long as they can compare to another country, or show a link between Canada and another country.

Examples of topic areas:

Conflict and War – Canada’s contribution to a war or peacekeeping mission.

Immigration – Family story of immigrating to Canada, comparing life in old country and new. Canada’s role in accepting refugees from conflicts through history (e.g. Europe, Vietnam, Korea, Syria).

Sport – Canada’s athletes and teams that are world-leaders in their sport. History of a Canadian sport (e.g. lacrosse, basketball, hockey).

Symbols of Canada – e.g. flags, animals, landscapes, plants, money. Be sure to make a connection or compare to other countries.

Organizations and Heroes – Canadian people and groups who make a difference around the world (e.g. Terry Fox, Free the Children, David Suzuki)

Art – Musicians, Artists, Writers, Actors who are world-famous.

First Nations – Comparing current issues, history or culture of Canadian First Nations, Inuit or Métis to other aboriginal groups around the world.

Please ask if you need any help or have questions!


Gizmo – les transformations

Visite le site web Explore Learning et utilise le Gizmo “Rock Art”. Class Code 846AJPLNUD

Create an Account. Use only your initial for last name. Don’t enter an email, it’s not necessary. User name and password should be: div5name (example: div5gio for Gio.

Après avoir exploré cette activité, il y aura une évaluation (choix multiple) que tu pourrais faire quand tu es prêt (jeudi, vendredi, lundi ou mardi).

Jeudi, le 5 janvier

Voici le paragraphe à corriger:

J’ai allé sur un batêau dans la fleuve Fraser. C’été pour faire du pêche du saumon. Ces la saisson de la montaison de les saumon. J’ai attraper trois suamons énorme. Les deux premiers était rouges et verts et le troisième été argenté. J’ai pas aimé les tuer. Cependant mon père vais les cuire se soir pour le soupee. délicieux!

Voici la dictée à étudier pour le test vendredi, le 6 janvier:

Dictee jan 6

Bonne Année!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. Thank you for the goodies and gifts! See you tomorrow, ready for another term full of learning.

ReddTuesday, Jan. 3 – Bring Band instruments and a 2″ rock for Salmon tank and Indoor shoes

Wednesday, Jan. 4 – Mme Markin, Library book exchange

Thursday, Jan. 5 – Gym

Friday, Jan. 6 – Band, Dictée test on salmon vocabulary

Joyeux Noël!

Pere NoelTake a look at what’s happening in the last week of school for 2016:





Monday: Dress rehearsal for the JKE Christmas Musical. Verb quiz, Math quiz and Secret Santa for students who missed Friday.

Tuesday: Band concert. Christmas Figures with Geometry.

Wednesday: JKE Musical. Library.

Thursday: Reader’s Theatre legend performances, Verb re-test

Friday: Class Christmas Lunch


December 5-9

Verb Practice: Irregular Avoir Verbs Passé composé

Monday – Coding day at JKE! Come check out the coding group in the gym. Div 5 will be having a guest presenter from Left of the Dot App Company.

Tuesday – Band – All students should be practicing extra hard for their upcoming Christmas concert – 1 week from Tuesday! Math Ch.3 Leçon 7-8 due.

Wednesday – Mme Markin – some students still need to bring in a jar.

Thursday – P.E., Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Movie Day

Friday – Report Cards go home, Band, Verb test. Secret Santa gift exchange!

Nov. 28 – Dec. 2

Wow, we’re into December this week! Christmas Giving Trees Coin Drive begins this week. Send in your spare coins for this wonderful JKE tradition. A reminder to students to bring in their instruments on Tuesday and Friday and then bring them home again for practicing. Band concert is coming up soon!

Monday – PE, Coin Drive, Climate Change Projects Due

Tuesday – Band, Coin Drive, Collaboration Afternoon – Dismiss at 1:30

Wednesday – Mme Markin teaches, Bring in jars and hand in late work, Coin Drive

Thursday – PE, Coin Drive

Friday – Band, Enrichment, Coin Drive

Nov. 21-25


  • Half-day for Report Card Preparation. Dismissal at 11:30
  • Mme Markin teaches today


  • Band
  • Climate Change research due


  • PAC Xmas Fundraiser orders due
  • Health – open book quiz on Sugary Drinks


  • Grade 7 Fundraiser Frozen Food orders due
  • Gym


  • Band
  • Quiz on Factors and Multiples Ch. 3

November 14-18

What are we learning about this week?

  • Summarizing key information in their own words has been a focus this term in English. Mme Markin has posted some helpful information about English Paragraph assignments. English instructions for parents and English outline
  • Climate Change and it’s effects on humans, animals and ecosystems is the topic of inquiry for our first Socials/Science project. Useful links for many topics and project details can be found here: Le projet du changement climatique Topic choice is due Tuesday, Nov. 15, Research due Tuesday, Nov. 22 and finished projects due Monday, Nov. 28.  We also have a Climate Change Workshop presented by Langley Environmental Partners Society on Thursday this week.1058466-guerre-tuques-3d-affiche
  • Field trip to Guildford Cinema is on Tuesday morning. Students will travel by bus at 9:30 and return at 12:15. The movie is La Guerre des Tuques, an animated remake of a Québecois classic about a snowball fight. Thanks for CPF for the opportunity! Click the image for a movie review in English.
  • Many students can now Divide and Multiply with decimals successfully! On to Factors and Multiples this week.
  • Don’t forget band on Friday.
  • Lastly, Mr. Main and Mr. Knox are growing their ‘staches for Mo-vember! Students can vote for their favorite style by bringing a donation of either cash for Canadian Cancer Society or Non-perishable Food for Langley Food Bank. Donations accepted all this week in the foyer.