Boats and a Campfire on the Beach

PXL_20221121_190433428It was a “feet-on” learning experience at the beach as students investigated what makes some sand ‘quicksand’ and some not.

Movember event: Langley Environmental Partners Society is inviting the community to come out for a Movember ivy pull event in the spirit of mental well-being (for men and everyone else, too!). Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 26-27, 10AM-12PM at Steele Park. Fundraising Info

The week ahead: Nov. 28-Dec. 2

  • Monday – Campfire and boat creation day! Please send materials either pre-assembled or ready to assemble into a boat with minimal help. Help your child plan ahead for a successful project: it should have a string attachment for pulling the boat, be waterproof and stable. Teachers will provide marshmallows and we will carve roasting sticks as a class activity.
  • Tuesday – We’re keeping an eye on the snowy forecast but hoping for a last day at the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Fun lunch and Library book exchange. Jersey Day!
  • Friday – at FLE.

Salmon Study




Kindergartens painting ‘en plein air’ with their crazy hair! We also enjoyed the sunny, frosty days at the park. Students took photos of the beauty they saw in the ice and played with their twig people.

PXL_20221115_212619478 PXL_20221115_164142581

The week at a glance: Nov. 21-25

  • Monday – at the park. Salmon Forest program with LEPS. Please pay $4 online.
  • Tuesday – at the park. More salmon activities.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Donut day.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – at the park.

Looking ahead: Save a recycled container or two to make a boat next week. We’ll have a marshmallow roast on one of our last days. Friday will be at the school.

A Sunny and Cool Week

The week ahead: November 14-18

  • Monday, Tuesday – at the park. We’ll be learning about leaves and salmon this week. Dress warmly!
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library Book exchange. Fun lunch. Crazy Hair Day!
  • Friday – Report Card Preparation Day. No school for students.

Getting Creative with Leaves

PXL_20221102_203825944 PXL_20221102_204146606











Students had a great time exploring the new park location and creating critters with leaves outside. In the gym this week, they got to learn hip-hop dance routines with Jess Dance. I hope they can show you their moves!

The week ahead: November 7-11

  • Monday/Tuesday – although scheduled at the park, I’ve come down with something this weekend and will be staying home until I’m feeling well. Kindergarten class will be at the school this week due to the TTOC.
  • Wednesday – At the school.
  • Thursday – At the school. Library book exchange. Remembrance Day Assembly at 9:00 AM in the gym. Our class is singing a song “Peace Like a River” with the other LEAP classes. Students should arrive dressed in either a white or black shirt if possible. Poppy stickers or pins will be provided. Parents are welcome to attend.
  • Friday – Remembrance Day. No school.

Happy Halloween!







Last week was a hoot with bat and pumpkin activities, leaf piles, cozy fires and baked apples. Check out the photos!


Learning fire safety rules





PXL_20221028_180515044Practicing roosting like a bat.





PXL_20221028_205927715Playing the Bat and Bug game.




Free pumpkin giveaway from the Borlands!





Roasting apples.





Very tasty!



The week ahead: Oct.31 – Nov.4

  • Monday: Halloween at school. Students can wear or bring costumes but should also be prepared to play outside on the playground.
  • Tuesday: At the new park. Meet near the day use picnic shelter. Please help your child become familiar with the pit toilets here before you drop off.
  • Wednesday: At school.
  • Thursday: At school. Fun lunch.
  • Friday: At school. Mrs. St Pierre will be absent, so our class is at the school today. (All other LEAP classes are at the park.)


Pumpkin Exploration

We are making collections of interesting natural objects for journaling. Students use their 4 senses to notice, describe and draw them in detail.







The week ahead: October 24-28

  • Monday – at the park. Pumpkin activities. Wear rain gear and warm layers!
  • Tuesday – at the park. More pumpkin and fall activities!
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Send money for cookie day if you want to.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange. Cookie Day.
  • Friday – at the park.
  • Monday, Oct. 31 – at FLE for Halloween activities. Students are welcome to wear or bring costumes (no weapons, masks). Please keep candy to a minimum in lunches. :) We will have a costume parade and fun Halloween crafts and games.



Fall Fun

PXL_20221013_175558943~2 PXL_20221013_171947090 PXL_20221013_174754861 PXL_20221011_185703947
















There was a lot of fun and learning at the pumpkin patch. We learned the life cycle of the pumpkin, and interacted with many animals, from cute bunnies to huge cows. We also did more apple investigations, story telling and art.

This week at the park, due to maintenance work, the only parking available is the overflow gravel lots near the entrance.

The week ahead: Oct. 17-21

Monday – at the park. Leaf activities.

Tuesday- at the park. We’ll make a friendship (veggie) soup. Please send a little container (about 1 cup) of chopped vegetable of your child’s choice and a spoon to enjoy the soup in the container.

Wednesday- at the school. Early Dismissal for Parent Conferences at 1:08.

Thursday – at the school. Early Dismissal for Parent Conferences at 1:08. Library. Fun Lunch.

Friday – Professional Day. No school for students.


Thankful for fall

I hope everyone had a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!

Last week’s learning included patterns with natural materials, squirrel crafts, stories and sharing gratitude for the natural world. We were lucky to spot a horse and rider enjoying the park, too.

PXL_20221003_210015915 PXL_20221007_202657986 PXL_20221007_165642330~2











The week ahead: October 11-14

Harvest themed activities: Apples, Sunflowers, Pumpkins

*Reminders: Socks for ‘Socktober’, Sign up for Conferences

  • Monday – no school for Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday – at the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library Day and Pumpkin Patch field trip. Drivers, please be at the classroom at 9:00 AM. Students will need a carseat/booster, boots, light jacket, labeled bag, pocket snack and water bottle.
  • Friday – at the park.

Warm start to fall

The lovely warm weather continues for another week so we can look forward to some beach play. Amazing finds last week at the park: a barred owl, a stink bug, and crayfish!

PXL_20220927_182053843 PXL_20220920_183441949 PXL_20220920_182942919












The students did Orange Shirt Day activities and were very respectful at our first assembly. It is hopeful to see the work of truth and reconciliation manifested in student participation and understanding. As I spent the weekend recreating on this beautiful land, I reflected with gratitude and a stewardship ethic on how¬† nature’s beauty and bounty sustains all the human and non-humans that live here.

Our learning continues this week with a focus on squirrels. We have enjoyed watching their antics as they gather tree seeds for their winter caches. Please send a toilet paper roll for a craft on Monday. (I have a bag of extras so if everyone tries to remember to bring one, we’ll have enough even if some forget). We’ll also be making and finding patterns and preparing for Thanksgiving through art and stories. The school is having a Book Fair this week in the library. Check it out!

The week ahead: October 3-7

  • Monday – at the park. Send a toilet paper roll for a craft.

LEAP Information Session for new families applying for Fall 2023. 5:00 pm in the school gym. Share the link to anyone you know who may be interested.

  • Tuesday – at the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. School Individual Photo Day!
  • Thursday – at FLE. No book exchanges this week due to the Book Fair.
  • Friday – at the park.

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday on Monday, Oct. 10.






Every Child Matters

orangeshirtdayThis week is another short one with Friday being Truth and Reconciliation Day. We will honour Orange Shirt Day on Thursday with an assembly and class activities. Our focus will be learning how school should be a welcoming place for all children. Everyone is encouraged to wear their orange shirt!

Learning themes outdoors this week are looking for signs of the change from summer to fall. We also continue to learn routines and safety rules.

  • Monday – At the park.
  • Tuesday – At the park.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Return Student Verification Forms and Pumpkin Patch Field Trip forms
  • Thursday – At FLE. Orange Shirt Day. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – no school. Truth & Reconciliation Day