January 15-19

This week we begin a Home Reading program.

Dr zeuss readingEach inside day, students who bring their mailbag can borrow a book or two to read at home. This should be an enjoyable time spent with family developing a love of reading. Books will be exchanged for 15 minutes in the morning, and I welcome any available parents to help with this process! Please let me know what days you are available and I will set up a schedule for volunteers. We are inside Monday, Thursday and Friday in January. Probably just Thursday and Friday after that.

Beaver’s Sorting Sack – We begin a new activity for the ‘Special Helper’. A blue drawstring bag will be sent home with the special helper. It contains instructions and a stuffed beaver for fun. Your child can enjoy it and bring it back the next day along with 5 small items to sort by a characteristic. For example, 3 items may have the same colour or shape, and the other 2 are different. The learning goals are for students to describe materials (Science – Properties of Matter), sort into ‘alike’ and ‘different’ groups (Math – Patterns), and find ways to make 5 (Math – Number Sense). Practicing with your child at home will help them feel confident when presenting their sorting items. Items will be sent home the same day in a ziploc bag which you should return for the next student.

  • Monday, January 15 – Salmon arrive in Ms. Debad’s class aquarium. We are partners on the salmon-raising adventure! There are now 54 coho salmon in the ‘eyed egg’ stage. We compared a salmon egg with a chicken egg.
  • Tuesday, January 16 – At the park. We will be making salmon ‘redd’, or nest models.
  • Wednesday, January 17 – At the park. We will continue learning about patterns and animals in winter as we act out the story ‘The Mitten’.
  • Thursday, January 18 – Music, Gym.
  • Friday, January 19 – Library. Send in any Scholastic orders.


First post of 2018!

Helegant-background-of-happy-new-year-2018-with-stars_23-2147698003appy New Year everyone! I can hardly wait to see all the little people again.

Please sign and return the January permission form on Monday. You can pick up a copy at the classroom on Monday if needed.

We’re learning about Pioneer families this first week back, with a Pioneer dress-up trunk loaned by the Fort Langley Centennial Museum. Of course, we’ll also be sharing stories about our holiday and setting goals for the New Year.

In case you haven’t been to Fort Langley in a while, be aware that there is still a layer of snow on the ground. So dress your kids up in snow gear to play and learn outside comfortably!

  • Monday – At FLE. January Permission Form due.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – At the park.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Music and Gym.
  • Friday – At FLE. Library.

Dec. 18-22 Update


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • Monday, Dec. 18 – Drop off and Pick up at school. We are walking to the park after recess. Remember to bring permission forms to school for this outing. Report Cards available for viewing today.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 19 – At the park. LEPS program celebrating our learning about salmon.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 – Pancake Breakfast and Pyjama day. Cookie decorating and craft day 1-2:45. Please remember what you signed up for :)
  • Thursday, Dec. 21 – First day of winter. Music. No hot lunch.
  • Friday, Dec. 22 – No library book exchange. Last day of school before Christmas break. K students will watch a Christmas animated movie together in the afternoon. Parents and caregivers welcome to watch a slide show of our class photos at 2:15.

Christmas concert week


It’s very special to see your child in their first school Christmas concert! There are two performances on Thursday, Dec. 14: 1:30 pm and 6:00 pm. For the evening concert, children should come to the classroom at 5:45, where I will supervise. The audience remains in the gym through the whole concert and then parents come to pick up their child at the classroom after the show.

In order to prepare for the concert, we are at the school all week. We will be getting outside in the school grounds for some learning and extra play breaks!

  • Wednesday – Dress rehearsal
  • Thursday – Christmas concert 1:30 and 6:00
  • Friday – Last day for library book exchange before 2108.
  • Monday, Dec. 18 – Report Cards are available online
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 – Pancake Breakfast, Craft and Cookie decorating 1:00.
  • Friday, Dec. 22 – Please join us, one and all, for a Term 1 slideshow at 2:15. You won’t want to miss the great photos of our amazing year so far!



December 4-8 update

DecemberWow! It’s December! A special feeling is in the air…must be the Christmas season!

Monday – We have a walking field trip to tour the local marketplace and learn about the 4 food groups. We leave at 10:30 and return at 12:00.

Tuesday & Wednesday – At the park. Please drop-off and pick-up in the usual location for this park.

Thursday – Christmas Store. Our class will have a scheduled time to visit the Store in the gym. You may wish to send some toonies for your child to spend on gifts.

Friday – Library.

Upcoming – Wednesday, December 20 – Christmas craft and cookie decorating day. We will need 3-4 parent volunteers to help with crafts for the afternoon from 1:00-2:45. We will also need some parents to send in smarties, mini marshmallows, sprinkles and icing. Please email the teacher if you would like to help out.


Update Nov. 27-Dec.1

You may have read the good news already – Outdoor Ed has a new winter home! We’re excited to see how the consistent place changes the way the students learn and play. Having a warm and dry space is a nice bonus, too!

  • Please sign and send in the December permission form.
  • Send in Santa hats and old Christmas cards labeled with your child’s name on an inside day.
  • Until Christmas break the special helper will be sharing a Christmas tradition. A note will come home in their backpack when it is their turn. Please help them prepare and bring an item, picture or story they can share. Sheet can be downloaded here: Xmas tradition
  • Monday, Nov. 27 – Early dismissal at 11:30 for Report Card Prep
  • Tuesday, Nov. 28 – At the park.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 29 – Hot Dog BBQ at the park. Pack a snack and bring your item for our shared lunch. Thanks to Jon and Becky for helping to BBQ.
  • Thursday, Nov. 30 – Last day to donate to PAC Christmas Store. Music and Gym.
  • Friday, Dec. 1 – Library. Scholastic order due date. Please include a note if the order is a gift and I will keep it secret.

Salmon week Nov. 20-24

At school last week, we began small group reading instruction with Mrs. St. Pierre. We also discussed the rights and responsibilities of children. Popcorn day/Twin day was a fun treat! At Brae Island, children practiced making connections after reading the Robert Munsch story “Mud Puddle” by making their own mud puddles at the beach.IMG_20171115_135006 (1024x768)

We also enjoyed being Nature Explorers with Metro Park Interpreters. They helped us learn that a redd is a nest that salmon make to protect their eggs using gravel in the stream.IMG_20171115_104153


This week we are focusing on salmon, as they are making their way upstream from the ocean to spawn in creeks. We hope to observe them at the park. Salmon provide so much to our ecosystems, culture and economy. We’ll learn about their life cycle, the different species in BC, and how we can help them survive to spawn.



November 13-17

We enjoyed hunting for slugs at Lynn Canyon Park last week, even if the only one we found was rather unique! Thank you to all the parents who attended. Several kids shared afterwards that their favourite part of the day was sharing lunch and holding hands with their parents.

A windy, wet day is forecast for Tuesday, Nov. 14. Check your email in the morning in case of a change back to the school for safety. We hope to have a hot-dog roast at Campbell Valley park Nov. 29. Please sign up for bringing an item or volunteering to roast hotdogs at drop-off or pick-up this week.

Check out our learning about numbers 1 and 2 last week! Students showed their understanding of 1 and 2 by making collections of natural objects.

IMG_20171107_121016 (1024x768) IMG_20171108_134350 (1024x768)


  • Monday – Day off for Remembrance Day
  • Tuesday – At the park (unless too windy).
  • Wednesday – At the park. Metro Park programming in the morning.
  • Thursday – At school. Music, gym
  • Friday – At school, Library

Remembrance Day week

How things can change in a week! After very warm days on Monday and Tuesday, we enjoyed our first snow fall this Friday. It was exciting but also a reality check when we remember the feeling of cold fingers in wet gloves. Please check the mailbags for a letter regarding cold weather and outdoor ed programming. Thank you for your support during the Parent-Teacher conferences this week. I hope you enjoyed seeing your child’s progress so far.

Students loved going back in time for a day at the Fort and counting spooky decorations on our walk. We counted 22 pumpkins!

Fort pic 1 Fort pic 2 (1024x768)Around Halloween, treats are very hard to resist. The students are being guided to make healthy choices for recess snack. Healthy eating is one of our learning goals for Physical and Health Education this term. Thank you for packing healthy lunches. It really makes a difference in your child’s day.

We decorated poppies for our Remembrance Day wreath today, using oil pastels for the first time. The children were all able to use these special artist’s tools respectfully to make a beautiful, richly-coloured poppy.

Poppies 1 (1024x684)

  • Monday – Field trip. Bus leaves at 9:00 AM, returning at 2:15 pm.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – at the park all day.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Remembrance Day assembly at 11:00 AM. Parents welcome. Gym and Music.
  • Friday and Monday – Schools closed. No book exchange this week.