Learning Outside and Full Days!

Kindergarten students practiced walking safely on the sidewalks and crossing streets as a group. We also practiced ways to help nature by walking and picking up garbage. We even found a little tree frog!

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The week ahead: September 18-22

  • Monday & Tuesday – at the park. Please send a tall yogurt container to use for nature activities. It doesn’t need to be labeled.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Please send the Student Information package back if you haven’t already.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange. School Photo Day! LEAP info session 5:30 PM (for families who have not yet attended one and/or new registrations for 2024/25)
  • Friday – at FLE. Terry Fox assembly and Run. Students can donate a $2 (or more!)

Welcome to the Kindergarten class of 2023-2024!

We couldn’t ask for a better start to the year, with sunny warm temperatures and an enthusiastic bunch of new students.

It’s been a pleasure to meet all the families and get to know your children. I am so privileged to be their first school teacher and I will try my best to help them have a successful start. Of course, parents, you are the very first teachers of your children and I look forward to working together as a team.

Please remember to check this webpage weekly, or if you are ever wondering what is going on in the class!







So far, we’ve been learning school routines and rules, classmates’ names and are now beginning a unit on Feelings & Emotions.

The week ahead: September 11-15


  • Mon-Wed – gradual entry schedule – snack only
  • Thursday – gradual entry schedule – snack and lunch. Meet the Teacher evening (I will not be attending)
  • Friday – last day of gradual entry schedule – snack and lunch. We will be joining in a school assembly and going on a short walk.
  • Monday, September 18 – ready or not, here we go! First full day outdoors at the park!

Check the calendar that I will send home for park locations, as I do not post locations on the website for privacy.


Potato harvesting and Sports Day were a blast! We grew 224 potatoes from just 30 seed potatoes!

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 The week ahead: June 19-23

  • Monday – at the park. Gr. 7 LEAP alumni join us for the day.
  • Tuesday – at FLE. Indigenous language games.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Salmon Ceremony with potatoes and a walk to the river. Also fun lunch. (We are going to eat WELL!)
  • Friday – at the park. Our last day outside at the park will be celebrated with some snacks (teachers are providing these using leftover skating funds). Please join us at 1:45 for Kindergarten Reader’s Theatre performances if you can. They’ve been practicing all month!

*Reminder – if you can drive students to the waterpark on Monday, June 26, please be sure to provide copies of both pages of your insurance to the office.

Sports Day!

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Last week, students were inspired to learn more about caterpillars after finding “Peaches” outside on the playground. Teddy bear picnic day was so much fun.

This week, learning themes will include changes over time in the park (Social Studies), capacity measurement and harvesting potatoes. We continue to practice our Readers’ Theatre and hope to be ready to perform them next week. It’s also Sports Day on Friday, so let’s hope for more great weather! I will send info about what colour team each student is on in an email.

Parent drivers for the Waterpark: Thank you for volunteering! Please check if you have renewed your car insurance since the last driving field trip (Honeybee Centre in February). You may need to update the office with the paperwork.

Field Day

The week ahead: June 12-16

  • Monday – at the park.
  • Tuesday – at the park. Drop off and pick up behind the washrooms.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Trestle tree (gymnastics) in the gym.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Potato harvesting day.  Return field trip and Gr. 1 supplies forms. Return any outstanding library or home reading books please.
  • Friday – at FLE. Sports Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads and Grandpas in our class community!

Bioblitz and a Teddy Bear Picnic

Who is that masked unicorn?







We had a lovely time at the beach. Most exciting finds were crabs, sculpins and a moon jellyfish!

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The week ahead: June 5-9

Outdoors at the park and the school garden this week, we’re doing a bioblitz – an activity to find and list all the living things in an area. Students will take photos with the class iPads, use checklists and pamphlets to ID our observations, then journal and create art about what we found. This activity is part of the David Suzuki Foundation Butterflies in my Backyard Schools project.

  • Monday – at the park. We welcome a student teacher for the next 3 weeks. Parent Appreciation event – come by the shelter at the end of the day for a treat!
  • Tuesday – at the park. Drop off on the right side of the washrooms building, pick up at the usual shelter location.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. BOGO Book Fair is open limited hours (see PAC email). We will not be visiting during class time.
  • Thursday – Dress like an ‘-er’ day. A day to think about roles in our community and dress up! Popcorn Day.
  • Friday – at FLE. Kindergarten buddy classes will spend the day together. In the morning, we’ll have a Teddy Bear Picnic and do fun learning activities with a stuffed animal they can bring from home. In the afternoon, we’ll watch “Oopsie”, a Vancouver Children’s Festival Virtual performance about overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes.

June is here!

This is the start of our last month of kindergarten! Isn’t it astounding how much all the children have grown and learned?

Last week students really loved “Going on a Bear Hunt” basing our hike on the classic book. It turned into ‘going on a slug hunt’ because it was a cool, damp day just perfect for slugs!






The week ahead: May 29-June 2

This week we’ll be learning about oceans in preparation for our beach day.

Monday – at the park. We’ll be painting in the park and practicing our reader’s theatre.

Tuesday – Div. 12 (K) at FLE. Mrs. St Pierre will be away.

Wednesday – at FLE.

Thursday – at FLE. Last week of library book exchanges. Fun lunch.

Friday – Field trip to the beach. Students will ride the bus. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us in their own vehicle and to carry any beach toys students choose to bring. The day will be full of exploration of the tidal flats and pools. No swimming allowed. Send a lunch, water, sun hat, beach shoes/sandals, a change of clothes and a small towel.

*Coming up next week:

  • Monday – UBC Teacher Candidates begin 3 week field experience with LEAP.
  • Wednesday – BOGO Book Fair.
  • Thursday – Dress up “ER” day – students are invited to dress like a ___-er (farmer, dancer, soccer player, singer…)
  • Friday – Teddy Bear Picnic Day and Vancouver Children’s Festival virtual performance with our Kindergarten buddies in Ms. Bendo’s class. (We are at FLE all day)



A Short Week

Last week, we had a great time learning about flower parts and creating fairies out of flowers, leaves and sticks! We have written a letter to a fairy and made a house for her in our school garden. Hoping to check back this week for a response!

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This week is a short one, due to Victoria Day. We will be at the park on Tuesday but back at school for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday also due to the Gr. 2 field trip and Gr. 4 Track Meet. Go Hawks!

  • Tuesday – at the park. Drop off at the alternate picnic tables behind the washrooms. Pick up at regular shelter.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Book exchange.
  • Friday – at FLE.



Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in our class community! Students enjoyed learning about weaving traditions from different cultures while making their nature weaving for you.

To beat the heat this week, you can send ice in a thermos, a hat, apply sunscreen in the morning and if possible, opt for light clothing with long sleeves and pants. Shorts/tank tops are acceptable, but just know kids are risking a lot more minor scrapes. Running shoes instead of rubber boots are fine but closed-toe shoes are a must. If you wish your child to re-apply sunscreen, I can not apply it for them. We will seek shade, build in rest breaks, give plenty of chances to re-fill the water bottles, and allow them to splash cool water on their face.

The week ahead: May 15-19

Learning themes this week include 3D solid shapes, shapes in indigenous art, and flowers and fairies.

Monday – At FLE. Community Walk and cool down in the afternoon at school.

Tuesday – At the park.

Wednesday – At FLE.

Thursday – At FLE. Book exchange and Fun Lunch.

Friday – No school. Pro D.


Flower Power

PXL_20230501_161358965 PXL_20230502_165646112






Spring brings out all the fascinating creatures, like this western toad and garter snake! This week, we’ll learn about flowers by dissecting their parts, using them as inspiration for art and searching for them on our hikes.

  • Monday – At the park.
  • Tuesday – At the park. Due to other groups using the park, drop off and pick up will be near the washroom building today.
  • Wednesday – At FLE.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Book exchanges.
  • Friday – At the park. Due to other groups using the park, drop off will be near the washroom building today. Pick up at the picnic shelter.



See you at the new park!

We’re looking forward to new places to explore and learn about! This week will focus on safety rules, learning routines and play boundaries, and wondering what might live in the pond.

Last week we learned about (and made) nests, had a fun marshmallow roast and ended our week with a final celebration skate. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the parents who came and volunteered to help with skates. We couldn’t have done it without your help! I hope your children enjoyed the experience.







The week ahead: May 1-5

If you would like to support Canucks Place, please send money in a labeled envelope in your child’s mailbag for the cookie sale on Thursday. 1 cookie = $1, 6 cookies = $5.

  • Monday – At the new park.
  • Tuesday – At the park.
  • Wednesday – At FLE.  Fun lunch.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Book exchange. Talent Show. Canucks Cookie Day (LEAP classes only)
  • Friday – At the park.