Welcome to Grade 6! Bienvenue!

This is our class website. Here you will find weekly schedules, homework, and important links to help you succeed on assignments. Check it regularly!

I look forward to seeing all of last year’s students back in Room 150 Tuesday-Friday next week!

Last days of school June 27-29

Monday – Class party and potluck lunch. Bring a food item.

Tuesday – Clean out desks. Bring an extra big bag. Year-end assembly at 1:00. Gr.6’s move up to the Gr.7 benches!

Wednesday – Report cards. Dismissal at 11:30. Yippee! Summer!


June 20-24 Welcome, summer!

waterslide boyMonday – Return library books, hand in late work

Tuesday – Band/Music – Recorder students perform favorite song

Wednesday – Mme Keyhoe’s last day – Finding Dory, Water games (bring squirt toys and extra clothes)

Thursday – Cultus Lake Waterslides – Bus returns to JKE at 5:30. Bring lunch, water, suit, towel, sunscreen, money for snack?

Friday – Band/music?

June 13-17

Blanket group


A proud moment for our students! Being blanketed for their good work on behalf of reconciliation with First Nations.

If you are interested in seeing the video clip of our class skit, send a USB drive to school and I will copy it for you.

Monday – send library books to school. Science projects on body systems due. Health lesson for Grade 5s with Mrs. Brocklebank.

Tuesday – Band and Recorder concert 1:00 and 7:00.

Wednesday – Mme Keyhoe teaches. Track and Field recognition assembly. Poetry project due.

Thursday – Mme Keyhoe teaches.

Friday – Sports Day! Hot lunch at 12:00. Walk to swimming at 12:40.


June 6-10

Permission forms have gone home for Finding Dory, Waterslides, and Swimming. These are our final trips of the year. It would be SO helpful if you could send money for each in separate envelopes or cheques. Thank you!

Monday, June 6 –

  • 9:00 AM Reconciliation Assembly  – We are presenting a skit and poem. Parents welcome.
  • Library – final week for borrowing a book. Please search for overdue books and return or pay fine by June 17.
  • Operation Waterproof Gr 5s – eat at 11:40, bus leaves at 12:00. Bring suit and towel.

Tuesday, June 7 –

  • Music
  • Operation Waterproof Gr 5s

Wednesday, June 8 –

  • Mme Keyhoe teaches.
  • Poetry project
  • Gym
  • Operation Waterproof Gr 5s

Thursday, June 9 –

  • Math test Ch. 6 Rapports et Pourcentage  – use Try it Out for practice
  • Operation Waterproof Gr 5s

Friday, June 10 –

  • Science projects due (Human – Animal body systems comparison)
  • Music
  • Operation Waterproof Gr 5
  • Enrichment Gr 6

May 30-June 3

Wow! We are into the last month of school! Several due dates are approaching…

Monday – Eli’s group presents “Gold”. Library. Practice for Assembly.

Tuesday – Music, all other groups present their natural resource

Wednesday – Mme Keyhoe – Book report, dance performances

Thursday – Grade 5 Operation Waterproof forms and $8 due.

Friday – Music, Enrichment


Happy long weekend!

Wow, we are into the last 10 days in May! It was a great week of jumping, dancing and acting. Good work on the projects, too.

Monday – no school. Victoria Day.

Tuesday –

  • Canadian Region Projects due.
  • Please return all Jump Rope Envelopes, whether you fundraised or not. We can win a class ice-cream party if we have the most envelopes returned.
  • Music.
  • Grade 5s – please return Operation Waterproof permission with $8.
  • Track finalists bring permission form to Mr. Knox.
  • Juicicle sales $1.

Les-régions-physiques-et-les-ressources-naturelles-du-Canada-Project-Criteria-3 – Please choose your Canadian natural resource to research and present in groups of 3 (1 group of 2). Ressources liste. Due Thursday, June 2.

Wednesday – Gym. Poem for Mme Keyhoe due.

Thursday – Music Café at 3-4 pm in the gym. Bring a small donation for a chance to hear some students play beautiful music and enjoy a treat.

Friday – Music, Enrichment, Track and Field Day at WGSS for some students. Hot lunch.

May 9-13

  • TrackMonday, May 9 – Try Out 8:00 AM 1500m Gr 6, 800 m Gr 5 , Region Paragraphs rough copy due. Gym, Bibliothèque, Collaboration, Dismiss at 1:30
  • Tuesday, May 10 – Track and Field Try Out day. Be prepared with hat, sunblock, water, runners.
  • Wednesday, May 11 – Playland. Be prepared with hat, sunblock, water, lunch or money.
  • Thursday, May 12 – Try Out 8:00 AM 800 m Gr 6, Health and Puberty lesson Gr. 6
  • Friday, May 13 – Musique, Enrichment

Field trip Monday, May 2

Rana-pretiosa-Oregon-Spotted-Frog-Andy-OConnor-550Waterproof boots are necessary to fully participate in the field trip activities.
Weather looks sunny and hot, so bring a bag lunch, a water bottle and dress in layers. It may be cool under the trees in the morning. Cell phones will be left locked in the classroom. Parents are welcome to join us. We have room on the bus or you can meet us at Aldergrove Park, 27240 8th Ave. at 9:30.

Tuesday, May 3 – Music, Gardening with Buddies

Wednesday, May 4 -Mme Keyhoe, Gym (come ready to run outside). May the 4th be with you – Star Wars spirit day. No weapons or masks, please!

Thursday, May 5 – Map of Canadian Regions due.

Friday, May 6 – Professional Day – no school for students.

Monday, May 9 – Paragraph/Brochure of Canadian Region (rough copy) due at end of day.

Tuesday, May 10 – Track and Field day at JKE. Parent helpers needed.