Happy Mother’s Day!

It was a busy week! Thanks to all the parents/grandparents who made it in to listen to our Readers’ Theatre performances and to read with their child. The students were so proud. They also enjoyed doing activities with their stuffed animals – we had quite a variety, and only 1 bear! Our hatchery tour was a success also, and we dissected and made art from a salmon so plenty to remember about this week.  I’ve been teaching about healthy bodies and private areas, personal safety and trusted adults. Kids in the know is the online source for parents to follow up on what is taught in class.

Next week, we are at the park Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – sunny warm days ahead, yahoo! So far the mosquitoes haven’t been too bad but there are quite a few bees and wasps around so maybe pack insect repellent.

We are soon beginning our last special helper sharing project that will need your assistance at home. We are working on informational writing about animal or plant facts. After a bit of modeling in class, the special helper will bring home a special mailbag with a sheet to fill out at home about their chosen animal or plant. They can share when they bring it back (ideally the next school day but if life gets busy they can share as soon as they are ready). The sheet will have space for a picture and a sentence (two sentences for grade 1s, one or two for K’s). Each sentence should have a fact about their chosen animal. They should practice doing their own writing and drawing and colouring. The fact should describe the animal using a colour word or other adjective i.e. big, long, striped, small, furry, fast. For example: “A moose is brown. A moose can run fast.” Our goal is to make a class book that they can read, so simple sentences at their level are best. Parents can help with spelling bigger words and finding appropriate sources of information online or in books.
Thank you for your support!


Update for May 6-10


A beautiful grove of fruit trees was in full blossom at Salmon River Wetlands.

Looking ahead at May 6-10:

  • Monday – at the park. Please be sure you have paid the $2 field trip fee online. The office (and teacher) is not set up to receive cash. Sorry for any inconvenience! Today at the park I will lead a salmon dissection to learn about their amazing features and adaptations.
  • Tuesday – at FLE. Bus for the Nicomekl field trip leaves at 10 AM. There will be room for any and all parents who would like to attend so please arrive at 9:45 AM if you signed up to join us. We will return before 12:20.
  • Wednesday – at the park. LEPS will teach a workshop about frogs.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Early dismissal for collaboration at 1:36. Last one of the year!
  • Friday – at FLE.
    • Family Reading 8:51-9:15. Please come if you can. Our students would like to perform their Readers’ Theatre Nursery Rhymes for you! They’ve been practicing hard and are proud of their reading skills.
    • Teddy Bear day – students welcome to bring a teddy to school to do activities with. (Measuring, sorting, writing, reading, picnic, playing)
    • Hot lunch
    • Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday to all the moms in our community! I appreciate all you do to help your kids learn at their best!



Fort Langley exploration week

Monday we planted seeds in our school garden. Amid the strawberries that seem to be taking over and the garlic and daffodils we planted last fall, we added runner beans, snow peas and sunflowers. We also had an Aboriginal cultural presentation about board games using traditional materials like shells, bones, sticks and deer hide.  I think we have been inspired to make our own games!

Tuesday we meet at Lelam cafe on Billy Brown Road and walk the Fort to Fort trail to the Salmon River Wetlands Park. There, we’ll explore a beaver pond, who knows, maybe we’ll spot the busy beavers. Our learning will include how to design and build a structure like a beaver, using sticks, clay and grasses. We’ll return to the cafe area for pick-up.

Wednesday is a day to explore the services and jobs that help make our community strong. Our route will take us through town in approximately a 2 km loop. We’ll be gone from about 9:30 AM until around noon, returning to the school for lunch and the afternoon.

Thursday – please return the permission form for the May 7 field trip to Nicomekl Hatchery today, and pay $2 online by Monday, May 6. Thank you!

Friday – Professional Day – I’ll be working on teaching literacy and social-emotional learning.

See you at CV Park on Monday.

Highlights from last week:

IMG_20190423_093345~2 IMG_20190423_143733 IMG_20190423_144144

A sleepy wet bumblebee that was ‘rescued’ (she eventually recovered and flew away), a frog egg mass, and the largest tadpole I’ve ever seen!!

Happy Earth Day!


Last week, we decorated rocks for Easter, learned about rabbits and hares, hunted eggs, and practiced using a compass. Walnut Grove Secondary students taught about plastic pollution and how it affects wildlife, especially in the oceans. Earth Day is a great time to think about our choices as a part of the problem or the solution to environmental issues. And also to just enjoy and celebrate how beautiful and wonderful our little corner of the planet is.

IMG_20190414_165913 IMG_20190418_095825






The week ahead at a glance: April 23-26

  • Tuesday & Wednesday – at the park. Weather looks pretty dry! Learning themes include Earth Day, reading nursery rhymes, observing animal behaviour and measurement.
  • Thursday – Home reading book exchange.
  • Friday – Family Reading 8:51-9:15, Crazy Hair Day, Hot lunch, Library

Happy Easter!

Learning with a sense of place and time allows students to connect to their senses, memories and emotions. We are enjoying all the new life that is springing up – students are learning to identify wildflowers, shrubs, ducks, birds, insects and amphibians as they come across them in the park. We are also enjoying re-visiting our favourite places like the Listening Bridge, the Race Track and the Frog Pond.  Lucky us!

IMG_20190408_104644 (1024x768) IMG_20190408_145459 (1024x767)IMG_20190409_131603 (778x1024) Blurred

Reminders to pack in the backpack for wet, cool spring weather:

  • Extra socks, shirt and pants
  • Toque
  • Gloves and hand warmers
  • Poncho or garbage bag for emergency dry layer.
  • Plastic bags for inside wet boots

The week ahead at a glance: April 15-19

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – At the park. Learning about rabbits and decorating rocks for Easter. Also starting Readers’ Theatre, mapping and using a compass.
  • Thursday – At the school. Home Reading Book Exchange.
  • Friday – Good Friday, no school. Enjoy the long weekend, Happy Easter! See you all on Tuesday, April 23 at the park.
  • Saturday, April 20 – Community Event – I will be volunteering at the Yorkson Fish Release. Join in the fun at Derby Hills Park on 98 Ave at 11 AM. Wear boots, it’s very wet and mucky!


Welcome back!

spring-showersI hope everyone enjoyed their spring break – it was a relaxing and re-energizing one for me. I’m sure glad we’ve turned the corner from snow pants to t-shirt weather!

For Monday, we are learning at the school, and that’s no April Fool’s Day joke. :-] But starting next week, we’ll be outside at a park on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday again. We’ll start with teaching the new boundaries and safety considerations.

First day back, we’ll be checking out the growth of our daffodils, garlic and potatoes, and learning all about mason bees, as well as sharing stories of our break activities. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • Monday – At FLE. Home Reading book exchange.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – At the new park location – 8th Ave at about 203rd St. Meeting location is the Old Orchard Picnic Shelter. It would be handy to have parents escort students to use the toilets before drop off as they are around the corner out of our sight.
  • Thursday – At FLE.
  • Friday – At FLE. Family Reading. Library book exchange.





We had a great time learning about bird nesting and building swallow houses.  Thank you to Langley Field Naturalists and Metro Parks for supporting our learning. Thanks to the parent helpers, too!









IMG_20190227_133429 IMG_20190227_103016

The weeks ahead at a glance: March 4-15

  • Monday, March 4 – At FLE. Send in Fun Fair raffle ticket booklets sold or not. Home reading exchange.
  • Tuesday, March 5 – At the park.
  • Wednesday, March 6 – Cypress Mountain snowshoe trip. Arrive at FLE at 8:25 for a quick bathroom break and load the school bus. We will meet at the front of the school. Bring a lunch and dress in layers for snowy activities.
  • Thursday, March 7 – FLE. Home reading exchange.
  • Friday, March 8 – FLE. Family Reading. Library book exchange. Report cards issued.
  • Monday, March 11 – At the park. Aboriginal Story telling and Bannock making with Fern Gabriel.
  • Tuesday, March 12 – At the park.
  • Wednesday & Thursday, March 13-14 – At FLE – early dismissal at 1:45 for Student-led Conferences
  • Friday, March 15 – at FLE. Last day before Spring Break.

Diversity and Respect week


Last week we enjoyed two snowy days at the park. We stayed busy painting rocks, making hand warmers and tasting maple syrup snow cones. Students journaled about their experiences and kept warm playing in the snow.IMG_20190220_110100







 The week ahead at a glance: February 25-March 1

  • Monday – At FLE. We’ll walk in the morning to the rainbow crosswalk in Fort Langley to learn about this community diversity project. Early Dismissal at 11:36 for Report Card Prep.
  • Tuesday – At the park.
  • Wednesday – At the park. Bird Nesting presentation in the AM and bird house building in the PM. Please send a labeled Robertson screwdriver and let me know if you are available to help. (It is also Pink Shirt Day but who knows what’s under the winter coat!)
  • Thursday – At FLE. Making a ‘Project Heart’ tile for a school-wide art installation about diversity and respect.
  • Friday – Canucks Place Cookie Sale and wear your Canuck colours (white, green and blue or vintage yellow, black and orange) for a school spirit day. Cookies are $1 each and will be sold at recess, lunch and after school.

 Coming Up:

  • March 6 – Snowshoeing at Mount Seymour with our big buddies. Pay online, permission forms will go home on Monday, Feb. 25.
  • March 8 – Term 2 Reports available
  • March 13-14 – Student-led conferences. If you would prefer a private conference, please let me know.
  • March 16-31 Spring Break

Happy Family Day!


Last week was one to remember for the very rare double snow days, Valentine’s Day and it was a short week. Ms Harder and I learned some new activities to try outdoors at our workshop at Van Dusen Gardens. Brae Island parking lot has been cleared of snow and we are going to try outdoor days this week.

one%20(2%20of%20124)The week ahead at a glance: February 19-22

Themes for learning this week include friendship and matter. We’ll be making our own hand warmers using safe household chemicals (doesn’t replace the ones they need for personal use). We’ll also be learning about the Aboriginal traditions of cedar brushing, drumming and dancing.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 19 – At the park.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20 – At the park.
  • Thursday, Feb. 21 – At FLE
  • Friday, Feb. 22 – At FLE. Book exchange for library and home reading.

Snowy Valentine’s Week

Hi families,

If schools are open Wednesday, Feb. 13, we will stay at the school. It is just too snowy and parking lots and trails may not be cleared in the park. We will have snow play at the school instead, so send snow gear!

Valentine’s friendship salad is still on the menu for Thursday, Feb. 14. Whatever fruit your child wants to bring, all is welcome, just be sure to peel apples. If everyone brings a dish/container and a spoon or fork, that will be easiest and most eco-conscious.

Be safe and have fun in the snow.