Fall is here!

Fall leavesMonday, Sept. 25 – October calendar goes home today. We’re at the park all day. Please note that the intersection of 96th Ave and Mckinnon in Langley is sometimes closed for construction, especially if coming from the east in which case expect a 15 minute detour.

Tuesday, Sept. 26 – At FLE for Photo Day! Photos will be during the morning block so we’ll be able to learn outside afterwards in the school yard.

Wednesday, Sept. 27 – We’re at the park all day, and Metro Park Interpreters will be leading a program in the morning.

Thursday, Sept. 28 – At FLE: Music, Gym, Langley Environmental Partners Society will be visiting our class to teach us all about recycling.

Friday, Sept. 29 – At FLE: Orange Shirt Day, Math Games Day, Library


orangeshirtdayOrange Shirt Day – A special day to recognize that Every Child Matters! We may choose to wear orange and remember the sad history of residential schools for Aboriginal children. In our class, we will read a positive story about being valued for who we are and feeling a sense of belonging at school.

Math Games Day – A tradition at FLE! On the last Friday of the month, parents are invited to join their child in playing math games from 2:00-2:30. In order for you both to enjoy this special one-on-one time, please arrange childcare for younger siblings. We hope you can join us! If you aren’t able to make it this time, we’ll buddy your child up with another parent/child or with the teachers.


September 18-22

climbing treeOur second week was full of wonderful weather and learning routines such as mailbags, changing shoes, and eating at school. Here are a few highlights this week: Outside, we discovered an insect in the chrysalis stage, we counted and sorted acorns and observed a snail – oh, and problem-solved how to get a stuck beanbag out of a tree! Today, the children joined all the other students for their first regular recess.  We also visited the library for the first time – just learning the rules today, no book exchange yet. You can now click on the Div 12 Schedule tab to see library, music and gym days.

Reminders for the week: Regular Bell Schedule (8:56-2:45),please refer to your emailed or paper calendar for locations of drop off and pick up. I won’t be posting them on this website for your children’s security. A ‘Me Bag’ will come home with special helpers this week.

Preparation for outside days:

  • outside shoes or boots
  • rain jacket and splash pants
  • extra pants, underwear and socks in a ziploc bag
  • ziploc with wipes or a small cloth for handwashing

Requests for special supplies:

  • 4 paper tubes of two different diameters to make ‘telescopes’ and ‘binoculars’. Send those in Monday, Thursday or Friday, please (not on park days).
  • a request for 1 chopped vegetable will be in the mail bags on Tuesday. Thanks to the bounty of a teacher’s garden, we’ll be doing ‘zucchini science’ in class – Please send ingredients on Thursday to make a shared vegetable soup for lunch and a small bowl and spoon.
  • Also, on Thursday you may wish to send in a donation of a ‘Toonie for Terry’.

The week’s schedule:

  • Monday: We walk to the Park at approx. 9:10 AM, returning before lunch.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Drop off and Pick up at Park (see calendar).
  • Thursday: Music and Gym. Vegetable soup day. Send ingredient, bowl and spoon. Terry Fox Assembly and Run.
  • Friday: Library. Early dismissal at 11:30 AM for School Improvement Day.

First week – we made it!

Wow! Did that week ever go by fast! The interviews really helped me get to know your child – thank you to everyone for making time to meet with me. During the first week of Kindergarten, we had some important goals:

  • Learn each other’s names
  • Find the classroom, gym, library and bathrooms
  • Learn where K’s are allowed to play during recess
  • Begin to establish class routines and rules: wait your turn, raise your hand, be prepared (outside/inside shoes, jacket), be kind, listen and follow instructions, and clean up after yourselfK rules

It would be great if parents could ask about these things and review them with their child.

For the second week of gradual entry, both groups will be together so we can continue getting to know each other. We’ll add on a couple more learning goals as well:

  • Making mindful choices
  • Exploring our school grounds beyond the playground

Please send in your field trip permission forms and indoor shoes this week. Meet the Teacher (for the whole school) is on Thursday, 5:15-6:15, followed by a presentation in the gym to meet staff and PAC. Maybe I’ll see some of you again :)

Welcome to Kindergarten at Fort Langley Outdoor Elementary!

I’m very excited about meeting students and their families! Please plan on staying with your child for the first 30-45 minutes of Tuesday, September 5th for an orientation. If that is not possible, be sure to see me at dismissal time for your information folder.

It’s going to be a tree-mendous year!Tree