Dandelion Days

Enjoy the pictures of some of our learning outdoors this week: practicing writing words in chalk by counting the sounds, building and decomposing numbers with coloured cups. Our nature discoveries last week included a salamander and zillions of dandelions!

PXL_20220408_190747810 PXL_20220408_165856119 PXL_20220408_183632114














The week ahead: April 11-15

  • Monday – at the park. Water program with LEPS (Rescheduled from last week) and Dandelion art.
  • Tuesday – at the park. Easter and baby animals!
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Home reading book exchange. Please return field trip form and complete volunteer driver paperwork. We are still in need of a few drivers for the Hatchery on April 20. It’s just 2 fun hours out of your day!
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library. Easter surprise with the Leadership team.
  • Friday – Good Friday, no school.

Happy Easter! Have a great long weekend, everyone. See you Tuesday at the park!

From snow to rain there’s water, water, everywhere!

The first week of spring term was super packed with adventure and learning! Students are loving the variety of the new park; exploring and playing in different habitats like forest, field and pond. So far, we’ve made letters from the fallen alder flowers, investigated scat and tracks of animals on the trails and made habitats for our toy creatures.

PXL_20220328_183843784 PXL_20220401_182321369







Back at school, it was surprising to see our spuds have sprouted! We observed Mason bees in their cocoons and hope to see them out pollinating our garden this week.


Grouse Mountain field trip was an awesome, exciting experience! Thank you to our parent helpers who strapped on and off a zillion snowshoes and helped keep our group safe. We enjoyed learning about barn owls, First Nations stories and dances, and mountain wildlife like Grouse and Grizzlies. The bus ride was a highlight for many.


After enjoying the snowy trails of Grouse Mountain last week, we’re shifting to learning about water this week, beginning with a presentation from LEPS (Langley Environmental Partners Society) at the park. Students will learn about the water cycle, where our drinking water comes from and where it goes. When we really think about how water connects all living things, we begin to realize that every drop counts!

The week at a glance: April 4-8

  • Monday – at the park. Water, water everywhere with LEPS.
  • Tuesday – at the park. Water investigations continue.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Home reading exchange, bring a stuffed animal to school this week for our vet play centre.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library.
  • Friday – at the park.

Spring term begins

Welcome back from spring break! The spring term is always full of growth, both in the children and all the living plants and animals. So much to observe, measure, explore and wonder about!

The week at a glance: March 28-April 1

  • Monday – at the new park.
  • Tuesday – meet at the school at 8:35 AM for our Grouse Mtn field trip. Pick up at 2:45 or 3:00 PM.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Home reading book exchange.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – at the park.

Pictures of pirate day and beach play from before the break:

PXL_20220307_202122747 PXL_20220309_193440549

Pirate Week

PXL_20220303_205608468 PXL_20220301_220738745






We practiced oral and dramatic storytelling last week with the traditional tale of ‘How Raven Stole the Sun’ and the imaginative story, ‘The Gruffalo’.

This being our last week at this park and before spring break, we’re going out with a splash! Students are welcome to get into the spirit of pretending to be a pirate on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Prepare for some fun mapping and treasure-hunting activities, mateys!

This week at a glance: March 7-11

  • Monday – at the park. Pirate activities.
  • Tuesday – at the park. Pirate activities.
  • Wednesday – walk from FLE to Brae Island for beach play. Early Dismissal at 1:33PM for Student-led Conferences.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Return all home reading and library books please. Planting our ‘Spuds in Tubs’. Early Dismissal at 1:33PM for Student-led Conferences.
  • Friday – at FLE. Deadline for Grouse field trip form. Fun lunch. Final day before spring break.

Happy spring break! See you at the new park location on March 28!

Report Card Week

Photos from the recent outdoor learning: Making ‘snow cones’ during the surprise snowfall, curling with rocks at the park, visiting the rainbow crosswalk for Diversity week, building 100 with natural materials on the 100th day of school. Our goal for last week was to help everyone feel like “We All Belong”!


IMG_5894 IMG_5962 PXL_20220225_185651533(1) PXL_20220225_184300718












The week ahead: February 28-March 4

*This week, you’ll get a chance to sign up for a student-led conference. It’s a great leadership opportunity for your child and I know we’re all excited about welcoming parents into the classroom!

*We will also be sending home information about outdoor dates and field trips for March and April. We are at the same park location until spring break.

  • Monday: At the park. We’ll be searching for signs of spring. Send an extra raincoat if possible as it will be very wet.
  • Tuesday: At the park. Going on a story walk, then acting out the story through dramatic play and mask making.
  • Wednesday: At FLE. Paper copies of calendar will be sent home. Home reading book exchange – my supply of little red or blue books is getting low, please check at home.
  • Thursday: At FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday: At FLE. Report cards issued.

Diversity Week

This week we’ll be exploring diversity in a few different ways: at the park, looking for biodiversity in the colours of nature, through stories about kindness and accepting others, by wearing pink or rainbow colours to support anti-bullying, and by sharing about what makes our families unique and special. We’ll be making art with diversity as a theme, too, and finishing our family house posts.

Here are some photos from last week’s outdoor fun, baking bannock over the fire and finding a cocoon and a sleepy toad just waking up from hibernation!

PXL_20220214_195751759 PXL_20220215_190807466 PXL_20220215_191821246~2













The week ahead at a glance: February 22-25

Tuesday – Outdoors at the park. Dress warmly!

Wednesday – At FLE. Pink Shirt Day. Home Reading book exchange.

Thursday – At FLE. Library book exchange.

Friday – At FLE. Rainbow spirit day. Walk to the community park and rainbow crosswalk.

Hearts + Friendship = Valentine’s day

PXL_20220207_222247113 PXL_20220208_220902333










Olympics week was so much fun! Students were inspired to make their own Olympic torches and flags. Curling with rocks gave us a way to practice sportsmanship and trying our best. At school students learned to make a heart shape for art using the mathematical principal of symmetry. Check out the bulbs sprouting in our garden! Spring is on the way!

The week ahead: Feb. 14 – 18

Monday – Valentine’s Day at the park! Students are welcome to wear red/pink, and bring cards to give out. Be sure to send a mask for this activity. We’ll make heart-shaped bannock and roast it over the fire, and make friendship bracelets to give to a classmate.

Tuesday – At the park. We’ve been using our senses to describe materials in Science this term. Today we’ll write ‘sensory stories’ with descriptive language.

Wednesday – At FLE. We’ll begin making family house posts in the West Coast Indigenous tradition. Please send in a paper tube for this project. Home reading book exchange.

Thursday – At FLE. Library book exchange.

Friday – No school for students. Report card preparation day.

Monday, February 21 – Happy Family Day Stat Holiday!

What can we learn from the Olympics?

The eyed eggs have hatched into alevin! We all got a chance to peek on the new baby fish.






The year of the tiger was celebrated with a dragon puppet parade at the park and the opening of our Dim Sum Restaurant.

PXL_20220202_203755983The snow fall was brief but special as each flake was visible as a unique crystal.


Jamoka the turtle came for a visit, thanks to our Art teacher for teaching about turtle care.






The week ahead: Feb. 7-11

  • Monday & Tuesday – Olympics have begun! There is so much to learn about the sports and the motto – “Stronger, Higher, Faster, Together” of the Olympics. We’ll come together for our own torch relay and play some ‘west coast curling’ with rocks at the park.
  • Wednesday – Home reading book exchange. Heart art.
  • Thursday – Library book exchange.
  • Friday – No school for students – Professional Development Day.
  • Monday, Feb. 14 – We’ll celebrate friendship with Valentine’s Day at the park. Students are welcome to bring cards for their friends but no food products allowed.

February is full of celebrations

This month holds many special days which we’ll celebrate through play, crafts, and stories. First is Lunar New Year, it’s the year of the Tiger! A Dim sum restaurant will be open for the month in our play centres, offering playful ways of learning about culture, currency and manners. Next is Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, a chance to learn about predictions, shadows and the change of seasons.

Other upcoming special days include Winter Olympics, Quebec’s Winter Carnival, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, Anti-Bullying (pink shirt) Day and Family Day! Also, we have to fit in 2 days of report card preparation and professional development so February is a very full, short month!

A group acting out The Mitten – oral storytelling with dramatic play is a great way to practice language and social skills.


 The week ahead: Jan. 31-February 4

  • Monday & Tuesday – at the park – the weather looks sunny! Feb. 1 is the Lunar New Year.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Home reading book exchange. Groundhog Day. Primary Assembly (Virtual)
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – at FLE. Aboriginal Beading workshop.
  • Pro-D day coming up on Friday, Feb. 11

Getting muddy with our buddies

PXL_20220117_223104449 PXL_20220121_210502054PXL_20220117_195114184Last week was a wet and wonderful time floating boats and playing in the sand. The kids even found a heart-shaped mud puddle – that says it all!











The week ahead: January 24-28

This week, we’ll get used to a new outdoor classroom by exploring and playing a lot. In literacy, we are learning about rhyming word families and beginning a unit on dramatic storytelling with one of my favourites: The Mitten by Jan Brett. Our ‘Tugboats on the Fraser’ art is going up on display at the Fort Post Office on Wednesday this week. Check it out all month!

  • Monday – New park! Please be prompt at leaving the drop-off/pick-up area so we can share the space with the Forest School. If you want to stay later, you can park in the overflow lot by the park gates.
  • Tuesday – Park. Story walk.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Home reading book exchange.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – At FLE. Polka Dot Day (I thought it was last Friday, so we get to try it again!)