Happy Halloween!



Last week we said goodbye to Williams Park. It’s been a lovely dry stretch of days enjoying the creek and the vibrant fall leaves, with crisp mornings and warm afternoons. It was great to meet all the families at Parent-Teacher Conferences and check-in on how the students are progressing so far. I appreciate you all making the time to come in and chat.

The week at a glance: October 29-November 2

Monday, Oct. 29 – At FLE. We will go to pick out library books at 9:20 since we missed our turn the last two weeks. We plan to go on a walk to tally up all the spooky things we can see in the community. We estimate walking from 11-12:20. Send raincoats! Early Dismissal for Collaboration at 1:30 PM.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 – At Aldergrove Regional Park. This day was originally on the schedule as Williams Park but due to the paving work there, we have switched to Aldergrove. In dropping off your child, you are giving permission for your child to learn at Aldergrove Regional Park all day. Pumpkin activities today will include scooping, cleaning and estimating/counting the number of seeds then roasting and eating them around a fire. We might also get to make a witches brew in the hollow pumpkins. Thank you to Adele for being a helper.

Wednesday, Oct. 30 – Halloween at FLE. Students can wear costumes but no masks or toy weapons please. There’s a costume parade in the gym in the morning. Then we’ll do some crafts and fun math stations after recess, followed by a shared lunch. Thank you for signing up to bring an item to share. If it needs to be kept cool please send ice packs and drop it off in the morning at the classroom. Thank you to Leigh for being a helper. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, Nov. 1 – FLE.

Friday, Nov. 2 – FLE. Library book exchange.

Looking ahead:

Monday, Nov. 5 – We are at Aldergrove Regional Park again.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 and Wednesday, Nov. 7 – Brae Island days begin.


Pumpkin Time


Our class had a fabulous time at the pumpkin & apple farm. The students left with new knowledge on bees, life cycles of pumpkins and apples, and products made from them. Thank you to the parents who made it possible by driving and helping with supervision. We also had a chance to map the sun as it moved across the sky this week.Pumpkin patch collage

The week ahead at a glance: Oct. 22-26

Monday: At the park. This week we’re learning more about fall and also nocturnal/diurnal animals and reducing waste. This is the week we will likely have SFU student teachers observing at the park.

Tuesday: At the park.

Wednesday: At FLE. Langley Environmental Partners Society workshop ‘Waste Warriors’. Early Dismissal at 1:45 for Parent Teacher Conferences.

Thursday: At FLE. Early Dismissal at 1:45 for Parent Teacher Conferences. November calendar and Permission form will go home Thursday in mailbags.

Friday: At FLE. Library book exchange.

Looking ahead: Sign up will be available at Drop off and Conferences for the following:

  • 2 or 3 Parent helpers requested for Pumpkin activities at the park on Tuesday, October 30 between 10-11 AM. (No siblings, please)
  • Halloween party October 31. Sign-up for a shared lunch item and 1 or 2 parent helpers requested to help with craft stations and lunch set-up between 11-12:40 (No siblings, please).  Halloween day at school will start with a costume parade in the gym (parents & siblings welcome to watch), crafts in the classroom, a shared lunch, and a relaxing movie in the afternoon. Students are encouraged to wear a costume but please do not send masks or weapons and remember they will still play outside, weather permitting!

If the moon were an apple…


  • Last week, we learned the phases of the moon and then used apples to stamp the order of the lunar cycle. This week students will be able to observe the waxing crescent becoming a first quarter moon on October 16 (exactly half full). Science, art, math and literacy all came together as we labeled the phases and learned about growing/shrinking patterns.
  • We noticed the level of water in the creeks was higher due to the rain on the long weekend but by Wednesday it was low enough to catch critters like these water striders and lamprey eel. What an amazing week of autumn beauty!
  • We taste-tested 3 colours of apples and graphed favourites, then made a delicious apple sauce. With hot lunch, it was quite a feast day.


This week at a glance: October 15-19

Monday – Apple & Pumpkin field trip. See email for details.

Tuesday – At the park. Sun cycle, day and night animal behaviour.

Wednesday – At the park.

Thursday – FLE. Bring back library books today – we will try to squeeze in a book exchange so we don’t miss out!

Friday – Professional Day – students do not attend school.

Fabulous Fall

IMG_20181002_140627IMG_20181003_141000 IMG_20181004_100205 IMG_20181003_112147Highlights: Fall critters, crafts and outdoor survival tips








The week at a glance: Oct. 9-12

Monday: Enjoy the day off

Tuesday and Wednesday: At the park. Apples and trees is our theme this week as we get ready for our field trip to the Apple Barn next Monday!

Thursday: At FLE. Please return all forms – very important as our field trip is coming up fast!

Friday: Library – book exchange, bring books. Apple sauce making – Can we have a parent volunteer? Email Mrs. St Pierre if you can help with this special activity in the morning!


I’m Thankful for Outdoor Ed!


  • Students were fully engaged in their own free exploration at Williams Park: IMG_20180925_124845pebbles, bugs, water flow and crayfish were their main interests.



  • Walking through Fort Langley helped students to appreciate community features and helpers, like this Pop-up Park.


Our school was a buzz with positive energy (and with wasps) about Terry Fox and Orange Shirt days.

 The week at a glance: October 1 – 5

Themes we will be exploring this week include day/night sky, Thanksgiving traditions and outdoor safety. Please be sure to send your child’s mailbag on Thursday since it’s our only indoor day and there will be notices!

  • Monday – at the park
  • Tuesday – at the park
  • Wednesday – at the park
  • Thursday – at the school. Adventure Smart program.
  • Friday – Professional Development Day. Students do not attend.
  • Monday, Oct. 8 – Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking ahead, we will need parent drivers and helpers for our field trip to the Apple Barn on Oct. 15. Forms go home this week.

Lastly, here are two positive things I’d like to share with families:

Explore Science Club offers free family events in the area. Check them out! explorescienceclub.com

This TEDx talk gives yet more reasons why outdoor play is an essential part of education.

Awesome Autumn



We enjoyed two energetic days getting acquainted or reacquainted with the park. It was evident in the mushrooms, slugs and coloured leaves that summer was ebbing into autumn.  With our Summer in a Bag presentations, group discussions and ice cream cone art prints, we’ve done a lot of reflecting on what we love about summer. All their best ideas came out in their ‘So long summer’ poems. Stop by the classroom to see their work up in the hall!

The upcoming week is full to the brim. Terry Fox day and Orange Shirt day bring great opportunities to learn and share about courage, respect, generosity and reconciliation.

The week at a glance: September 24-28

*Make sure you send back the white permission slip for Wednesday’s walk. Also send in the blue Student Information Verification forms.

Monday – At the park.

Tuesday – At the park.

Wednesday – At FLE. Individual photo day. Toonies for Terry can be sent in Wed-Fri. (donation to the Terry Fox Foundation). PM – Community walk around Fort Langley. (Trying again!)

Thursday – Terry Fox day – parents welcome to cheer our runners on. Students do laps of the school field probably at 2:00pm after a short assembly.

Friday – Orange Shirt day – we will learn in class about why we wear an orange shirt and share a story with our Aboriginal support worker.

Farewell to summer


This week we explored outside in the school yard. We painted a purple picture with blackberry juice, found bean seeds ready for saving and bees busy in the garden, collected and created with acorns and looked for patterns all around us. The students caught on quickly to recognizing patterns everywhere: from the grey/black speckles on a granite pebble to the bars on the playground ladders and the veins on a leaf – we couldn’t walk 5 paces without another student calling out ‘PATTERN!’

All schedules for gym, music and library are now set for the year and posted on the Div 12 Schedule on the left side of this page. As we begin book exchanges this week, please remember to send library books back by the following Friday or the students will not be permitted to sign out a new book.

IMG_20180912_134817_1 (1024x768) IMG_20180912_134856 (1024x768)

 The week at a glance: September 17-21

  • Monday – Full days begin for K students. We are at FLE and will be spending as much time as we can practicing outside routines in preparation for park days.
    • Please return permission form for Term 1 and Student Info Verification form on Monday.
  • Tuesday – Williams Park. Be prepared for the weather (layers of clothes) and able to carry all gear in one backpack. We meet at the top shelter building.
  • Wednesday – Williams Park.
  • Thursday – At FLE. In the morning, we will walk around Fort Langley to get a sense of our community. Music.
  • Friday – At FLE. Library. Early dismissal at 11:30.
  • Looking ahead: Wednesday, Sept. 26 is PHOTO DAY so we will be staying at FLE instead of learning at the park. Mark your calendars for this change in the schedule!

We have our class!

cucamelons-1I hope all the kiddos had a restful weekend and are ready to begin a full week. The first few days were spent getting to know each other and the basic routines and rules. Wow, we were all so tired by the end of the week! A highlight for many Grade 1’s was discovering cucamelons – a mini watermelon-shaped cucumber we grew in our garden. I really enjoyed meeting all the kindergarten families – your reasons for choosing the outdoor program for your children are clear and thoughtful. The process of deciding which Grade 1’s stayed with me was difficult as there are so many factors to consider, like friendships, independence, leadership and learning needs. I feel confident that we have a terrific group and I look forward to working with all the families this year!

Here are some details for the week ahead:

September 10-14

* Please send indoor shoes starting on Monday. These will stay at school and help keep our floors clean and dry. They should be quick for your child to put on independently but safe for running in the gym (i.e. no sandals or slippers).

  • Monday: K’s 9-11 (Feel free to drop off at 8:51 if your child is feeling ready) 9:00 works well for more hesitant starters. Welcome Assembly 2:00 PM. Notices will go home this week so send back the Mailbag your child brought home Friday.
  • Tuesday: K’s 9-11. Project ‘My summer in a bag’ info goes home.
  • Wednesday: K’s 9-1:00 (send a snack and a lunch from now on) After recess, the Grade 1’s will walk with Ms. Harder’s class to Fort Langley Community Park for some outdoor activities. K’s get some time just for themselves in our classroom.
  • Thursday: K’s 9-1:00. Music with Mrs. Evans. Meet the teacher 5:30-6:30 pm – First 45 mins is in the classroom, drop-in format, last 15 mins is in the gym to meet all the staff. Attendance is optional as we have now all met, but I will be there so feel free to drop by!
  • Friday: K’s 9-1:30. Library with Ms. Batten.
  • Full days for K’s start next week (8:51-2:45). I’m excited to get outside to the park next Tuesday!

Welcome to Outdoor K/1

Info poster 2018The first days of school are filled with expectations and questions. Who will be my child’s teacher? Who will be my child’s friends? Will my child like school? How will my child do in school? We’ve all been to school and survived or thrived in friendships and academics, and we all want the best for our children. As a teacher, I want the best for all the children! I look forward to this new start. I am so very privileged to be the first elementary school teacher our kindies will have, and also to be able to continue to help some of the grade 1’s grow and learn.

This first week of school gives us a chance to get acquainted or reacquainted, settle into some school routines (new and familiar), and come together as a school community. Families may have received the Principal’s email message about class placements but here it is in a nutshell: students will be informed by Friday, September 7 (most likely) which teacher and class they will be in for the year ahead. Until then, we’ll mix up the classes, focus on teaching our school’s code of conduct, how to learn and play safely outdoors and get to know each other.

Don’t worry about sending too much in the way of supplies this week. Outdoor Ed has ordered bulk supplies and we are still awaiting shipment of some things, so this first week we’ll use what we have in our rooms. The payment for your child’s new supplies will be done through School Cash Online sometime in the next weeks – you’ll get more info on that soon.

See you all Tuesday morning! ~ Mrs. St Pierre

Tuesday Sept. 4th Bell schedule:

  • K’s: 9-10:00 AM
  • Gr. 1-7: 8:51-10:30 AM