Here comes December


This past Tuesday, we enjoyed a beautiful warm day after all the rain storms. It made for some fun puddle jumping. At the Museum, we participated in some pioneer Christmas activities: opening old-fashioned gifts, stringing popcorn, making a shadow play and gingerbread cookies. The children were all enthralled, proving that simple pleasures really are the best. Thanks to Fort Langley Elem PAC, who provided our class with money towards this field trip. Check out our winter art, a study on perspective, on display at the Fort Langley Post Office all month. IMG_20181128_121908IMG_20181128_130212









The week ahead at a glance: Dec. 3-7

We are beginning a new special helper sharing assignment: Our Family Traditions. Each day, the special helper will share a picture (drawing or photo) and/or a memento of a tradition that makes the holiday season special to their family. This is part of our learning about self and family in Social Studies. A reminder will come home in your child’s backpack when it is their turn. From the drawings, we will create a class book that they will be able to read all year.

  • Monday: At FLE. Our outdoor ed team will meet after school to choose a name for our awesome program. Any last minute suggestions? Add them to the suggestion box in our hallway before the end of the day!
  • Tuesday: At the park. We will enjoy a bonfire and outdoor crafts to help decorate for the birds and the Fort Camping community. We are still looking for a parent helper to bring hot chocolate and help with crafts and the fire.
  • Wednesday: At the park.
  • Thursday: At FLE. School Christmas Store. Please send between $2-10 with your child if you would like to allow them to shop at the school store for family gifts.
  • Friday: At FLE. Library day. Hot lunch.
  • Next week: Dec. 13 is our Christmas concert!

Last week of Term 1


The students all survived the rainy day outside – they enjoyed playing some math and letter games in the shelter, and still got out for some beach play and a hike. Proving that if you are well-dressed for it, any day can be a good day outside! IMG_20181120_112431_1

The week ahead at a glance: Nov. 26-30

  • Monday: Early Dismissal at 11:30 for Report Card Prep. Today we will begin an art project that will be displayed at the Fort Langley Post Office. Check it out in December!
  • Tuesday: At the park. We will notify parents if we need to stay inside due to high winds that are forecast.
  • Wednesday: Drop off and pick up at the park. Our class is walking to the Museum for a Pioneer Christmas. One parent volunteer requested for the walk 11-11:45 and 1:15-2:00.
  • Thursday: At FLE.
  • Friday: At FLE. Library book exchange.

Upcoming dates:

  • Dec. 4 – Outdoor crafts & bonfire (parent helpers needed)
  • Dec. 6 – School Christmas store (send $2 or more)
  • Dec. 10 – Indoor craft day (parent helpers needed)
  • Dec. 14 – Christmas concert (afternoon and evening performances)


A full week – almost!

IMG_20181114_100827 IMG_20181114_102431 IMG_20181116_150242






Last week we learned about birds at Derby Reach. Metro Park interpreters taught us bird calls and body parts, we played Goose and Eagle tag and made bird nests. Back in class we made delicious and healthy veggie soup and had a special craft and story about the Harvest Moon with Ms Bull, our Aboriginal Support Worker. We also learned about kindness from Mrs. Casey – our Child and Youth Worker. She showed us how being soft and kind to ourselves and others like a cotton ball feels so much better than being rough and tough like sandpaper.

The week ahead at a glance: Nov. 19-23

What on earth? We have a full week of school? No, not quite…Tuesday is early dismissal at 1:30 for Collaboration. Although it seems like our schedule has a lot of gaps this fall so far, teachers are using the time productively. Personally, my teaching practice has evolved quite a bit this fall, my head spins sometimes thinking of all the ‘pedagogy and instructional best practices’ I am learning about and am eager to try with our class. This week, I will collaborate with the K teachers to understand how to complete the new K report card we are piloting in the District.

This week we kick off a Healthy Eating Challenge – students will colour in, on a chart, each food group that they eat for snack and lunch each day. Their goal is to eat at least 3 of the 4 groups each day – Dairy & substitutes, Grains, Meat & alternatives, and Fruit & Vegetables.

  • Monday – At FLE
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – At the park. Early dismissal Tuesday at 1:30 for Collaboration. Movie Day back at the gym.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Vision and Hearing screening for K students.
  • Friday – At FLE. Library.

Fun at Brae Island

IMG_20181106_133702 IMG_20181106_135619 IMG_20181107_114339 IMG_20181108_155038 IMG_20181108_155234Highlights:

  • Seeing spawning salmon!
  • Enjoying free play on the beach of the mighty Fraser.
  • Making 10 in different ways in math.
  • Remembrance day activities. The students performed their poem well and listened with respect at the assembly.

The week ahead: Nov. 13-16

This week we’ll be learning about owls with Metro Park Interpreters. We’ll also start a healthy eating unit. Please be ready to send a chopped vegetable for making soup on Friday. More details will come home this week.

  • Tuesday – at the park. Dress warmly and ready for rain!
  • Wednesday – at Derby Reach Edgewater Bar (Allard Crescent – the entrance with the campground)
  • Thursday – at school.
  • Friday – Library book exchange. We will be making soup today. Jersey Day (wear a team jersey for school spirit fun).

Remembrance Week


Thank you to the parents who helped out at our Pumpkin Day and Halloween party! Students estimated, then counted pumpkin seeds by groups of 10, then made a witch’s brew. So much fun! During these activities, they were also practicing working in a group; being considerate of others’ ideas and following through on their role.

Pumpkin day (1024x497)

The week at a glance: Nov. 5-9

  • Monday – At Aldergrove. LEPS Salmon Forest program. Salmon are spawning in our local creeks, so it’s a great time to learn about their life cycle and important role in the ecosystem.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – Brae Island days begin – meet at the washroom building near the main day use parking lot. Students should be ready for sand play as we spend a couple of days getting used to a new place. We’ll also be practicing our Poppy poem and discussing/reading about peace.
  • Thursday – Remembrance Day Assembly after recess. Our class will join the other K classes to recite a poem at the assembly. Parents are welcome to watch. K students have a Dental Screening.
  • Friday & Monday – No school. Enjoy a long weekend!

Happy Halloween!



Last week we said goodbye to Williams Park. It’s been a lovely dry stretch of days enjoying the creek and the vibrant fall leaves, with crisp mornings and warm afternoons. It was great to meet all the families at Parent-Teacher Conferences and check-in on how the students are progressing so far. I appreciate you all making the time to come in and chat.

The week at a glance: October 29-November 2

Monday, Oct. 29 – At FLE. We will go to pick out library books at 9:20 since we missed our turn the last two weeks. We plan to go on a walk to tally up all the spooky things we can see in the community. We estimate walking from 11-12:20. Send raincoats! Early Dismissal for Collaboration at 1:30 PM.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 – At Aldergrove Regional Park. This day was originally on the schedule as Williams Park but due to the paving work there, we have switched to Aldergrove. In dropping off your child, you are giving permission for your child to learn at Aldergrove Regional Park all day. Pumpkin activities today will include scooping, cleaning and estimating/counting the number of seeds then roasting and eating them around a fire. We might also get to make a witches brew in the hollow pumpkins. Thank you to Adele for being a helper.

Wednesday, Oct. 30 – Halloween at FLE. Students can wear costumes but no masks or toy weapons please. There’s a costume parade in the gym in the morning. Then we’ll do some crafts and fun math stations after recess, followed by a shared lunch. Thank you for signing up to bring an item to share. If it needs to be kept cool please send ice packs and drop it off in the morning at the classroom. Thank you to Leigh for being a helper. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, Nov. 1 – FLE.

Friday, Nov. 2 – FLE. Library book exchange.

Looking ahead:

Monday, Nov. 5 – We are at Aldergrove Regional Park again.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 and Wednesday, Nov. 7 – Brae Island days begin.


Pumpkin Time


Our class had a fabulous time at the pumpkin & apple farm. The students left with new knowledge on bees, life cycles of pumpkins and apples, and products made from them. Thank you to the parents who made it possible by driving and helping with supervision. We also had a chance to map the sun as it moved across the sky this week.Pumpkin patch collage

The week ahead at a glance: Oct. 22-26

Monday: At the park. This week we’re learning more about fall and also nocturnal/diurnal animals and reducing waste. This is the week we will likely have SFU student teachers observing at the park.

Tuesday: At the park.

Wednesday: At FLE. Langley Environmental Partners Society workshop ‘Waste Warriors’. Early Dismissal at 1:45 for Parent Teacher Conferences.

Thursday: At FLE. Early Dismissal at 1:45 for Parent Teacher Conferences. November calendar and Permission form will go home Thursday in mailbags.

Friday: At FLE. Library book exchange.

Looking ahead: Sign up will be available at Drop off and Conferences for the following:

  • 2 or 3 Parent helpers requested for Pumpkin activities at the park on Tuesday, October 30 between 10-11 AM. (No siblings, please)
  • Halloween party October 31. Sign-up for a shared lunch item and 1 or 2 parent helpers requested to help with craft stations and lunch set-up between 11-12:40 (No siblings, please).  Halloween day at school will start with a costume parade in the gym (parents & siblings welcome to watch), crafts in the classroom, a shared lunch, and a relaxing movie in the afternoon. Students are encouraged to wear a costume but please do not send masks or weapons and remember they will still play outside, weather permitting!

If the moon were an apple…


  • Last week, we learned the phases of the moon and then used apples to stamp the order of the lunar cycle. This week students will be able to observe the waxing crescent becoming a first quarter moon on October 16 (exactly half full). Science, art, math and literacy all came together as we labeled the phases and learned about growing/shrinking patterns.
  • We noticed the level of water in the creeks was higher due to the rain on the long weekend but by Wednesday it was low enough to catch critters like these water striders and lamprey eel. What an amazing week of autumn beauty!
  • We taste-tested 3 colours of apples and graphed favourites, then made a delicious apple sauce. With hot lunch, it was quite a feast day.


This week at a glance: October 15-19

Monday – Apple & Pumpkin field trip. See email for details.

Tuesday – At the park. Sun cycle, day and night animal behaviour.

Wednesday – At the park.

Thursday – FLE. Bring back library books today – we will try to squeeze in a book exchange so we don’t miss out!

Friday – Professional Day – students do not attend school.

Fabulous Fall

IMG_20181002_140627IMG_20181003_141000 IMG_20181004_100205 IMG_20181003_112147Highlights: Fall critters, crafts and outdoor survival tips








The week at a glance: Oct. 9-12

Monday: Enjoy the day off

Tuesday and Wednesday: At the park. Apples and trees is our theme this week as we get ready for our field trip to the Apple Barn next Monday!

Thursday: At FLE. Please return all forms – very important as our field trip is coming up fast!

Friday: Library – book exchange, bring books. Apple sauce making – Can we have a parent volunteer? Email Mrs. St Pierre if you can help with this special activity in the morning!


I’m Thankful for Outdoor Ed!


  • Students were fully engaged in their own free exploration at Williams Park: IMG_20180925_124845pebbles, bugs, water flow and crayfish were their main interests.



  • Walking through Fort Langley helped students to appreciate community features and helpers, like this Pop-up Park.


Our school was a buzz with positive energy (and with wasps) about Terry Fox and Orange Shirt days.

 The week at a glance: October 1 – 5

Themes we will be exploring this week include day/night sky, Thanksgiving traditions and outdoor safety. Please be sure to send your child’s mailbag on Thursday since it’s our only indoor day and there will be notices!

  • Monday – at the park
  • Tuesday – at the park
  • Wednesday – at the park
  • Thursday – at the school. Adventure Smart program.
  • Friday – Professional Development Day. Students do not attend.
  • Monday, Oct. 8 – Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking ahead, we will need parent drivers and helpers for our field trip to the Apple Barn on Oct. 15. Forms go home this week.

Lastly, here are two positive things I’d like to share with families:

Explore Science Club offers free family events in the area. Check them out!

This TEDx talk gives yet more reasons why outdoor play is an essential part of education.