They’ve Graduated from Gradual Entry

We’ve finally made it through to full day Kindergarten! Regular hours from now on are 8:51-2:45. Please try to be on time…if the door is closed and it is after 9 AM, students enter at the front office and sign in.

We got outside to meet our LEAP buddies in Ms Harder and Ms Taleon’s classes last week. Ms Harder read “Look what I did with a leaf!”,204,203,200_.jpg

Then the students worked with a big buddy to create something. What did your child make out of leaves?

IMG_20190911_100633 IMG_20190911_100744 It’s a horse and a tiger!



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Welcome to LEAP Kindergarten

This is our class website. I hope you can bookmark it and check it weekly for updates and reminders for the week ahead.

Schedule and Contact Email is available on the menu bar. My goal is always to communicate regularly with families as kindergarten days are filled with growth and moments to be shared and remembered. It is my privilege to be your child’s first teacher!

All About Me in a Paper Bagall-about-me-clipart-12166

This is our first ‘special helper’ assignment. Each day, starting later this week, one student will present 4-5 objects from a paper bag that tell us about themselves. Some suggestions: family photo, favourite book, food or toy, something from an activity or sport they like, a memento from summer vacation. This week, Ms Young and I will model our own paper bag presentations, then we will draw a name. That person will bring home the paper bag (feel free to send a larger bag if needed) and fill it up that night with your help. They will present their items the next day (or as soon as they remember to bring it back). Practicing at home to a family member (or pet) will help their presentation go smoothly. Nothing has to be memorized, as I will prompt and ask them questions to get them talking if they get nervous. I hope you have fun helping them choose things that represent their life, their personality and interests!

Friday Family Reading

Friday mornings at Fort Elem are a fun, busy time. We invite all parents/guardians or care givers to come by and read with your child for 15 minutes. The whole school is open to you – hallways, library and classrooms. Just pick a book, get comfy and read with your child and maybe a buddy or two! We take attendance after parents have left at about 9:15. This is a great way to celebrate literacy and share in making our school a welcoming, friendly community.