Fun in the Rain

A rainy day doesn’t stop us from having a great day in nature! Last week, students learned how many living things are in the pond by dipping their bowls and examining them under giant magnifying glasses. The types of creatures we found (like Mr. Wigglebottom) indicated that it is a healthy pond with good water quality. We also learned how to hunt frogs like Great Blue Heron. Many thanks to our Metro Parks Interpreters for teaching us so much!

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A look ahead: May 27-31

*Still a few red permission forms to send back. If you need a form, please ask me at the classroom door.

  • Monday – at the park.
  • Tuesday – at the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Fort’s Got Talent Show @ 12:30. Drop-in to the outdoor classroom to drum at 2:20!
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchange.
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk.


Welcoming a new park and new students

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Last week we were so lucky to have a detective scavenger hunt and a visit from the Chicks! This week, on indoor days, please return the field trip form for our Beach trip.

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The week ahead: May 21-24

  • Tuesday – at the new park. We’ll learn the new boundaries and rules and explore where we can learn and play. We will start our day with a Pond Peeking guided program from Metro Vancouver Park Interpreters.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Early dismissal at 11:35 so I can welcome the next group of kindergarten students!
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchange. Fun Lunch.
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk.


Happy Mother’s Day

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Last week’s learning highlights included a critter hunt, habitat creations and practicing ways to make ten.

This week, we are learning about forest habitats at the Surrey Nature Centre! At school, we’ll continue our unit on living things and hopefully some of our seeds will be sprouting at the garden after all this warm weather!

We have been learning sight words and it is exciting to see the students noticing these common words in print throughout the day. You can support your child’s learning by asking them to find sight words they recognize and also count objects that make ten in different ways.

A fun card game students have been enjoying at school is “High Card Battle”. Remove face cards and aces from a card deck and divide equally among players. Each players cards are face down in front of them. At the same time, each player flips over their top card. The player with the highest card collects all the cards and adds them to the bottom of their deck. In case of a tie, flip again and the winner takes all.  The game ends when one player runs out of cards. The player with the most cards wins! This game reinforces ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ math concepts.

A look ahead: May 13-May 22

  • Monday – Field trip on school bus. Drop off and Pick up at FLE.
  • Tuesday – At the park.
  • Wednesday – FLE. Drop-in after school drumming group.
  • Thursday – FLE. K scavenger hunt with Leadership Kindness Kettle. Book exchanges.
  • Friday – Pro D day. No school for students.
  • Monday, May 20 – Victoria Day Holiday.
  • Tuesday, May 21 – New Park! Check your calendars for location.
  • Wednesday, May 22 – Early Dismissal at 11:35 for Welcome to K event.

Farewell, Ms. Lowden!

It’s been a great experience having our ‘bonus teacher’ Ms. Lowden helping students learn these past months. We wish her well in her teaching career!

Last week, we welcomed some new class ‘pets’ – mystery amphibians! As they hatched, we inquired what they could be. Axolotls seem to be the most popular guess.






This week, we’ll be investigating more living things such as worms and bugs.

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The week ahead: May 6-10

  • Monday – At the park
  • Tuesday – At the park
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Drumming group drop-in after school at the log circle.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchange. Donut Treat Day (pre-order).
  • Friday – At FLE. Community walk in the morning. Final day for Ms. Lowden. Bear Witness Day (students can bring a teddy bear). This video explains the principles behind this event. I will explain to students in kindergarten-appropriate ways how all children have a right to the care they need to grow up healthy.

* Wednesday, May 22 is our Welcome to K event for this September’s Kindergarten students. Dismissal is at 11:35. Please make arrangements to pick up your child early.


Enjoying the breaks in the rain

When it wasn’t raining this week, we enjoyed planting seeds in the school garden, drawing with chalk and making wishes on dandelion seeds.

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The week ahead: April 29 – May 3

Wow! It’s already May this week!

This week we continue learning about communities and careers in Social Studies, plants in Science, story structure in English and measurement in Math.

  • Monday – At the park.
  • Tuesday – At the park.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Drumming group after school.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Home reading and Library book exchanges. Fun lunch.
  • Friday – At FLE. I will be absent due to an appointment. Ms. Lowden and the TTOC will go for a community walk in the afternoon.

Happy Earth Day!






It is Eulachan (Swiwa) Moon in the Kwantlen traditional calendar. We learned the importance of species at risk such as this little fish along with little brown bats and spotted owls at the Kwantlen Cultural Centre last week.

The week ahead: April 22-26

*Please return permission forms for Surrey Nature Centre field trip

  • Monday – Earth Day! We’ll celebrate Earth by planting a seed and finding ways we can be kind to our planet.
  • Tuesday – At the park.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. After school drumming group – all welcome!
  • Thursday – At FLE. Home reading and library book exchange. Gardening.
  • Friday – At FLE. Para-sport demonstration with Avery’s Mom. Gardening.

Kwantlen Earth Day

The week ahead: April 15-19

Monday – Drop off and Pick up at Brae Island. We’ll walk to the Kwantlen Cultural Centre to participate in their Earth Day stations and presentations.

Tuesday – at CV Park. We’ll hike to the racetrack for a look at this historical use of the park.

Wednesday – at FLE.

Thursday – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchange.

Friday – at FLE. Due to my absence, students will learn at school.

April showers

Looking at the rainy forecast for Monday gives me a mixed feeling – relieved that the sun will not pose a safety risk to our students who may be curious about the eclipse, but disappointed our beautiful Friday weather isn’t sticking around.

We’re taking no chances in case the sun peeks out around eclipse time, so all classes will be in the forest under the tree canopy. We will discuss the exciting event though, and watch a science video about it when back in class Wednesday!













Last week we found this tree frog demonstrating a perfect example of camouflage. Students measured length with the garden’s daffodils, and we found evidence of beavers at the wetland!

The week ahead: April 8-12

  • Monday – at the park. Prepare for a wet day! Great frog weather.
  • Tuesday – at the park. We are learning about the community of the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Twin/Triplet/Group dress up day. Students can show their FLE Spirit and have fun with this one! Library and Home Reading book exchanges.
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk to Fort Langley National Historic Site 10:30-2:08.



New term, new park

I hope everyone had an awesome spring break and enjoyed the beautiful weather for Easter egg hunting!

On Tuesday, at the new park, please park at the South Valley and walk your child to the picnic shelter near the pond. Ms. Lowden and I will meet you there at drop off and at pick up time. Ms. Lowden is excited to continue teaching 80% of the day for the next 4 weeks.

A look at the week: April 2 – 7

  • Tuesday – at the park. We’ll start at the new park by learning the safety rules, exploring and egg hunting.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. We’ll check on the new growth of our daffodils and potatoes!
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchanges. (Most students returned their books before the break)
  • Friday – at FLE. Community Walk.
  • Sunday, April 7th at 10:30 AM – Yorkson Watershed Fish Release. You are all invited to join me at this fun, family event. We have 50,000 chum salmon fry that need your help to make it into the creek, one bucket (or waterslide) at a time! At Derby Hills Park, 20500-block of 98th Ave. Langley. Wear boots – it’s a wetland.


Last week of winter term!

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We made the most of the last days of winter by enjoying the snow at Grouse Mtn. I want to thank all the parents, Ms. Lowden and Ms. Young for helping our kindergartens stay safe and happy on the mountain. Friends teamed up at the new park to build a pretend fire. It was great to meet with all the families last week and share all the progress students have made!

  • Monday – We will walk to Fraser River to learn about a special species at risk, the sturgeon, with Sesmalot, the Kwantlen language teacher. Drop off and pick up at the school.
  • Tuesday – walk to and from at the park.
  • Wednesday – at school. April calendar will be sent home this week for your preparation after spring break.
  • Thursday – at school. Return all library and home reading books. No new ones will be sent home due to spring break. OWL presentation for all the kindergarten classes. Favourite decade dress-up day. (When you have only been alive for less than 1 decade, it is hard to choose! But the K’s are still welcome to have fun with this and dress up retro style!)
  • Friday – Last day. Gym at 8:30-9:00 then walk to the park. Hawk Spirit Wear day.

Happy Spring Break and Happy Easter!

climbing tree