Winter fun

The taste of winter we had last week led to new ways of learning and playing. We loved noticing the frost crystals growing out of the earth, building and sliding with the snow, and using snow as a material for playing games. We also worked with our big buddies on transforming materials to create toy animal habitats, we learned about the cedar tree’s many uses, including baskets and tea. We combined literacy and movement in the storywalk “The Gruffalo” and created fun masks for creative play.




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The week ahead: February 6-10

  • Monday – at the park. Learning includes outdoor literacy stations, ways to make ten, and wonder journals.
  • Tuesday – at the park. LEAP Information Night at 5:30pm in the school gym. For families interested in grades 1-4 who have not yet attended an info session.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Earthquake Drill. Please return all permission forms for Skating and Honeybee Centre. School Cash Online is available for payment. Please see me if you missed any of the forms sent last week: Honeybee Centre, Skating, Giants game, FLE Fun Night
  • Thursday – At FLE. Book exchanges. Fun Lunch.
  • Friday – No school for students. Professional Development Day. I will be working on writing instruction and Indigenous ways of learning.


Welcome February!

Groundhog Clipart 26306 Groundhog Day is a great opportunity to practice predicting and wondering about weather, light and shadow.





The week ahead: Jan. 30-Feb. 3

Looks like a very chilly few days ahead! We will avoid creek play to stay dry.

  • Monday – Outside. Storywalk: The Gruffalo
  • Tuesday – Outside. Bring a cup or mug for sampling cedar tea.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Honeybee Centre field trip notice sent home.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Book exchange day. Groundhog Day.
  • Friday – At FLE.

Cedar week

Last week, we soaked up a mixture of cultural richness from Kwantlen drumming, singing and games, to tap dancing, Korean hanbok outfits, Chinese dragon parade and more. We also had a fun visit to Andy’s Farm and an afternoon at the beach! A warm thank you to Jin Kim for her assistance!

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The week ahead: Jan. 23-27

This week’s outdoor learning in Science will focus on cedar – the tree of life. We’ll observe, touch and learn about the parts of the tree, its significance and uses.

  • Monday/Tuesday – at the park
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchange. Fun lunch.
  • Friday – at FLE.

We love our community!

PXL_20230113_224103516Twin Day! My ‘twin sister’ Ms. Hawley and I had fun dressing alike.

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Last week we explored the Fort and listened to a story about the sturgeon, a species at risk in the Fraser River. Some of our explorers even found GOLD! We also became Waste Warriors, by learning how to sort our garbage using the 3 R’s. The week ahead will include learning about local community places like the goat farm, the parks, the Fraser River, and the Kwantlen community. We begin learning about cultural celebrations in our community like Lunar New Year in fun ways like an Asian Restaurant play centre, Chinese character printing centre, dragon puppet craft and lion dance parade. Welcome the Year of the Rabbit!

The week at a glance: January 16-20

  • Monday – Begin and end at FLE. Community Walk to the goat farm.
  • Tuesday – Begin at Kwantlen Cultural Centre, end at Brae Island.
  • Wednesday – At FLE. Tap Co. dance performance.
  • Thursday – At FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchange.
  • Friday – At FLE. Lunar New Year celebrations in our class.

Learning in and about our Community

We had a great first week back – everyone was happy to play together again. I’m always amazed at how the kids seem to grow up over the holidays! This week we’re beginning a Social Studies unit on Community. I love that our students learn authentically in local places so that knowledge can reach them through seeing, hearing, doing and through their connections to the familiar. Storytelling is another powerful mode of learning and this week we are so fortunate to have Fern Gabriel, otherwise known by her traditional name, Sesmalot, share her teachings with us through stories.

The week ahead at a glance: January 9-13

  • Monday – Start and end at FLE. Community Walk to the Fort.
  • Tuesday – Start and end at FLE. Community Walk.
  • Wednesday – Dental Screening for K students. Lockdown drill will be happening in the afternoon. I will help the students learn about the how/why we do this drill and you may want to de-brief with them afterwards.
  • Thursday – Library and Home Reading book exchange. Students should keep their home reading books for a week of practice.
  • Friday – LEPS is coming to teach us about recycling and waste. This is a free workshop. It is also Fun Lunch and Black Excellence day!

* Looking ahead: This week we also begin a new Special Helper routine: “Guess my object”. In Science, we are working on questioning and properties of materials. When your child brings home the bag, help them choose a mystery object that others can guess by asking questions about its properties: shape, colour, size, texture…I hope your child has fun show-and-telling their mystery object!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school after our winter holiday break! Tomorrow, drop off and pick up is at the classroom. We’ll walk to a local park for nature exploration. Please repack the backpacks to be sure they include all the essentials for being comfy outdoors.

  • Tuesday, January 3 – At FLE. Walk to a park.
  • Wednesdsay, Jan. 4 – At FLE.
  • Thursday, Jan. 5 – At FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday, Jan. 6 – At FLE. In the winter term, we are indoors on Fridays but may spend extra time outside in the school yard or community.

Happy Holidays!


Pheww! What a busy week! Here are a few of the photos of our learning about the moon cycle, playing with playdough ‘snow’ and painting real snow, and singing carols. I hope you enjoyed seeing your children at the concert and reading about their progress in their report cards.

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The week ahead: Dec. 12-16

*Each day, we will be doing a craft in the afternoon from 1:00-2:00PM. Would any parents like to help out? If so, email me or let me know at the door. 1 parent per day.

  • Monday – A.M. Community Walk – Xmas Scavenger Hunt, P.M. Crafts with our Kindergarten friends
  • LEAP parent meeting @ 5:00 pm in the library – have your say about the future of this special program
  • Tuesday – Fun Sock Day, Christmas Store, PM craft
  • Wednesday – Holiday Sweater Day, Christmas Store, PM craft
  • Thursday – PJ Day, Pancake Breakfast, PM craft
  • Friday – Holiday Hat Day, AM Walk to Historic Fort Langley to decorate a tree with our K friends. PM Craft and The Grinch (30 min. version)

Holiday concert week

We are almost as busy as elves getting ready for Christmas at Fort Langley Elementary!  All week we’ll be practicing for the concert, decorating the gym, hall and class, and learning about symmetry, the moon, owls and winter words.

*Reminder – we are at the school every school day until Holiday Break.

  • Monday – carol sing-along at 1:30 PM at the outdoor classroom
  • Tuesday – fun lunch
  • Wednesday – music
  • Thursday – last library book exchange before Christmas – please help our librarian gather all the books back for their winter hibernation!
  • Concerts: 12:30 PM and 6:00 PM
  • Friday – Report cards published on MyEdBC


Boats and a Campfire on the Beach

PXL_20221121_190433428It was a “feet-on” learning experience at the beach as students investigated what makes some sand ‘quicksand’ and some not.

Movember event: Langley Environmental Partners Society is inviting the community to come out for a Movember ivy pull event in the spirit of mental well-being (for men and everyone else, too!). Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 26-27, 10AM-12PM at Steele Park. Fundraising Info

The week ahead: Nov. 28-Dec. 2

  • Monday – Campfire and boat creation day! Please send materials either pre-assembled or ready to assemble into a boat with minimal help. Help your child plan ahead for a successful project: it should have a string attachment for pulling the boat, be waterproof and stable. Teachers will provide marshmallows and we will carve roasting sticks as a class activity.
  • Tuesday – We’re keeping an eye on the snowy forecast but hoping for a last day at the park.
  • Wednesday – at FLE.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Fun lunch and Library book exchange. Jersey Day!
  • Friday – at FLE.

Salmon Study




Kindergartens painting ‘en plein air’ with their crazy hair! We also enjoyed the sunny, frosty days at the park. Students took photos of the beauty they saw in the ice and played with their twig people.

PXL_20221115_212619478 PXL_20221115_164142581

The week at a glance: Nov. 21-25

  • Monday – at the park. Salmon Forest program with LEPS. Please pay $4 online.
  • Tuesday – at the park. More salmon activities.
  • Wednesday – at FLE. Donut day.
  • Thursday – at FLE. Library book exchange.
  • Friday – at the park.

Looking ahead: Save a recycled container or two to make a boat next week. We’ll have a marshmallow roast on one of our last days. Friday will be at the school.