Final countdown to the holidays!

It’s always refreshing to learn from someone new, and this was our lucky week for that. We had two experts on Spotted Owls from the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program come and teach us, along with Small Eyes!








We also had LEPS come and teach about what actually happens to our waste products and what can we do to reduce, reuse and recycle properly.




The week ahead: Dec. 18-21

Historic Fort Langley ‘villagers’ (staff) have asked us to help them decorate Christmas trees inside the buildings at the Fort. We are supposed to sneak in and decorate without being spotted by the ‘Chief Trader’ who is feeling a little bit “Grinchy” this year. Can we complete our mission and maybe even help the Chief Trader to feel the Christmas spirit? I hope so! We will be walking to the Fort at 12:20, returning at the end of the day. Any parents who are available are welcome to join us.

  • Monday – Christmas Store and walk to Historic Fort Langley
  • Tuesday – Christmas Store
  • Wednesday – Pancake Breakfast and community walk to hunt and tally decorations
  • Thursday – Grinch day – craft and original animated show
  • Friday – no school. Happy Holidays!

See you on January 8th (at Fort Langley Elementary)