Culture Days

With the warm weather last week, we checked out signs of growth in our garden! The groundhog’s prediction of early spring looks promising! At the park, students created cozy dens for animals that hibernate.

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This week is all about the amazing diversity of culture that we have in our community! We have a special trip to the Kwantlen Cultural Centre to learn about Kwantlen storytelling, drumming and singing, and activities at school to celebrate and learn about Quebec’s Winter Carnaval and Lunar New Year.

On Tuesday, we will be walking about 2.5 kilometers. Please pack a lighter backpack for the students with just the essentials. Good walking shoes will be appreciated, too.

Monday, Feb. 5 – at the park. Squirrel theme day!

Tuesday, Feb. 6 – Drop off and Pick up at the park. Walking Field Trip.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 – at FLE. Carnaval activities.

Thursday, Feb. 8 – at FLE. Library and Home Reading book exchanges. Improvisation Show and Carnaval activities. Fun lunch and Fancy Dress-Up Day.

Friday, Feb. 9 – at FLE. Morning walk. Afternoon at FLE to celebrate Lunar New Year, the year of the dragon.